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  1. Here is my current stash! I'm including all of the brands I currently have plus accoutrements. (I even included a bottle of nasty fauxsinthe toward the back).
  2. Had my first glass of Vieux Carre last night - a bit different from what I've had previously but really quite interesting. Seemed to be a lot going on but I did enjoy it. Sampled my first glass without sugar so will probably add a bit for the next go. Love, love the thick decanter bottle!
  3. I am VERY scent-sensitive so that may have something to do with it.
  4. Cajun Magic - I have a bottle of VC arriving on Tuesday (hopefully). How does it suit you? A combination of Lucid and Leopolds for me, this evening.
  5. Hi Gwydion. You don't suspect the beets? There is definitely something that smells somewhat of vegetation. I've never had Everclear or Luksusowa so cannot comment on that. However... I am VERY happy to have found a way to subdue the distracting aroma from this bottle
  6. I value your opinion, Père. I have prepared another at at straight 4:1 ratio using the balancier and it is still quite acceptable to my palette. Lucid really seems to shine for me at lower ratios, apparently! (the higher you go, the more beetiness shows through) Also- the see-saw is very fun to watch and does seem to create a nicer louche when opposed to my fountain. So strange and interesting.
  7. I've mentioned in a forum or two (and my review) about the distracting beet-aroma with Lucid. This is based upon preparing my absinthe with a fountain. I picked up one of the Lucid balanciers and had a go with that today and it actually makes a world of difference with this absinthe! There is a little instruction card that comes with the balancier which recommends 1.5oz. absinthe to 3oz. of water in the balancier. I actually used a 3:1 ratio instead and it's a HUGE improvement. I imagine that the tighter ratio has much to do with it - though this is not reflected on the dilution matrix which would recommend 4:1 for a 62% absinthe like Lucid. Does this jive with anyone else? Going to try 4:1 next and see whether this improves or not.
  8. Thanks for sharing, Manray! It looks very nice from the photos and from your description it sounds like one I'd definitely want to get my hands on. <----- (rum fan)
  9. Welcome, Stef! I'm also new (and also not so fond of Kübler - though it has grown on me a bit). Will probably try La Clandestine as my next blanche.
  10. I had to look up "alembic" Very cool - I have my first bottle of Pacifique scheduled to arrive at my doorstep this Friday!
  11. I have a bottle of Kübler that I picked up here in Denver a while back and I find it has a sort of "funky" taste to it. I probably would not purchase again. It DOES louche nicely though.
  12. One of the more enjoyable things about being a published author is the ability for me to inject objects of my personal affections into an otherwise unrelated subject. Here is an example of absinthe in my newest book "Learning Adobe Edge Animate" - which of couse has nothing whatsoever to do with absinthe or any beverage. I'm using a photo of Trinity Absinthe Superieure within a demonstration of an Edge Animate composition being tested across mobile devices using Edge Inspect. As mentioned in another thread, I try and inject references like this here and there to make people curious/comfortable/accepting of this wonderful beverage. So much of what is written and talked about (when it comes of absinthe) is focusing on the more bizarre and untrue qualities... I want to show that it is normal, delicious, intriguing, and totally acceptable through small injections such as this. I have a few other examples I can post in the days ahead. Fun stuff!
  13. Note that referencing absinthe in normal, everyday work/life is (I believe) a good way to make people aware of it and have people embrace it as a much more acceptable beverage. At least - I do hope so!
  14. Nice write-up! I've done a bit of published "evangelization" for absinthe as well through books and video courses (subversively) and via more public venues like speaking engagements and blog posts. I should post examples to the forum - assuming you would all be interested? Absinthe references in the wild!
  15. Welcome from another newcomer. Curious- I'll be in Los Angeles in May (convention center/nokia theatre) - any bars or other venues you know of that serve absinthe?
  16. Very nice. I enjoy good resources like this which I can easily share with people. A very approachable talk.
  17. Regarding price: as a newbie of 1yr or so... an absinthe at this price would be totally attractive to someone who has never made a purchase before. I'll be sure to pick this up when I order my next crop of brands to try - interested in how a rum base would work! (I also enjoy a good rum) Best of luck!
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome, all. Sardonix - That was my thinking from reading many of the reviews and discussions on here. I'd like a good variety in my cabinet. Evan - Yep! Trinity was the one that really opened my eyes after coming from the Czech "experience". I have a fresh bottle just opened about 2 days back Viseguy - I do hope to share. Forgot to mention I also have a bottle of Kübler which is sort of 'eh...' to me. Like the Trinity and Leopold much, much better. Kübler seems to have a weird funk to it :/ Have a nice weekend, all!
  19. Evening, all. As the title suggests; this is my first post (just joined today after reading these forums for well over a year) and I am from Denver. My absinthe journey began about a year and a half ago when I acquired the gift of an absinthe fountain, glasses, spoons, and a bottle of neon-green Czech "absinth". It didn't louche at all... looked fake as all hell... tasted crummy... and cost way more than I want to admit the gifter paid. Mid-summer 2012 I discovered *this* wonderful resource and also that there were two local distilleries in the Denver area that produced traditionally distilled absinthe (Leopold Bros. and Overland Distillery). I began with a bottle of Trinity (from Overland) and then Leopold. What a magnificent difference from my former experience! The absinthe louched properly, was creamy, delicious. I do believe the bottle from Czechoslovakia will remain on my shelf (half-empty) until I pass from this world... as I do not plan on consuming such an offensive "beverage" ever again. The past six months have seen a number of Leopold Bros. absinthe bottles come and go. I really enjoy their product - but am now branching out. I've placed an order for a number of absinthes that are not available locally from Catskill Cellars (Pacifique, Walton Waters, and Vieux Carre) and am quite curious as to how they compare to my beloved Leopold. I also figured I've had enough lurking and decided to join in on the conversation. It's been an eye-opening journey and imagine there is much more road to tread. Cheers!