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  1. DanPatrick - I had a nightmare last night that my Crowley was nearly empty.
  2. L'Ancienne 2014 on Christmas day 2015. (and some Eduoard)
  3. I believe this is the one Jade which hasn't yet landed in the US.
  4. Some three year old Jade PF1901 - followed by St. Antoine... we'll see where this goes.
  5. Yeah, absinthe is pretty sweet already in my opinion. But if sugar is your thing...
  6. Yeah, absinthe is pretty sweet already in my opinion. But if sugar is your thing...
  7. There is a lot of information here, yes. It will become more accessible with time. As for the Jade absinthes - they are becoming more common in the US. Not sure about SC exactly though. I can get a couple locally in CO if desired but distribution is still a huge hurdle for many just starting out! I suggest going with mail order if you cannot get anything from the local shops. Sometimes with wine shops - they will special order if for you if you have distribution in your area.
  8. Welcome. Of the two mentioned here, Enigma is a nice absinthe - but may be a bit 'heavy' for starters. Unfortunately, both fauxsinthe/crapsinthe and true absinteh retails for about the same price. So do not make price a deciding factor. What you might want to do is look for a smaller 20cl bottle of a nice absinthe if unsure.
  9. Welcome! "Hills Genuine" probably is genuine Hills - but not absinthe by any means. As Joe states above, Lucid certainly is. Enjoy!
  10. The Stone Woot is a great stout - I really enjoyed that one.
  11. A glass of Terminus followed by a glass of Zubrsinthe. That Z is a fine drink.
  12. Tried some 2 days ago and was equally impressed. Lovely absinthe - pity it is limited!
  13. Welcome. Most of my blending experiments were miserable failures... but I've only blended the stuff that I found lacking in the first place.