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  1. Most of the bottles of Leopolds I've seen have been less green and more amber/yellow/straw. Quite normal!
  2. The prices on the website are adjusted all the time in accordance with fluctuations on currency exchange and such. Seems to move in .50 increments at a time both up and down depending upon the day. I can't speak to VAT though - no clue. I will say that I have *never* had an issue with this vendor whatsoever.
  3. Hey, Hector! Welcome, welcome, welcome
  4. I know Davidsons carried La Clandestine a while back - is La Capricieuse available in the US? If so - I may pop on down there!
  5. This was my experience with my last bottle about 2 years back - very, very thin. Sadness.
  6. Mt. Defiance Absinthe (USA). Reminds me a LOT of the Delaware Phoenix absinthes. I always find photographs useful when deciding whether to try a new absinthe... so here is a photo showing it neat, mid-louche, and fully louched.
  7. I often awaken at 3am as well. Weird.
  8. I have a bottle arriving tomorrow from *I Heart Absinthe*. Looking forward to it!
  9. @Absomphe: "Worcester, Massachusetts"(!) - I was born in Worcester, grew up in Rochdale.
  10. I've found that travel messes with my palette, as well.
  11. Ah, yes. The closest thing to pre-ban on the market today.
  12. A really old photo from back when I started trying more stuff. I still have that fountain, though!
  13. It's the best absinthe from Matter by far, IMO. Have had Duplais Verte, Duplais Balance, Mansinthe, Giger, and this surpasses them all.
  14. I have a bunch of t-corks from old empties that could be used... but find the Jade corks work quite well for me as well so never have had the need.
  15. "the good stuff isn't cheap" Although... the good stuff is pretty much the same price as the mediocre and the crap... Additionally, 1 bottle of absinthe is equal to about 6 bottles of wine in terms of glasses - so keep that in mind regarding price!