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  1. Most of the bottles of Leopolds I've seen have been less green and more amber/yellow/straw. Quite normal!
  2. The prices on the website are adjusted all the time in accordance with fluctuations on currency exchange and such. Seems to move in .50 increments at a time both up and down depending upon the day. I can't speak to VAT though - no clue. I will say that I have *never* had an issue with this vendor whatsoever.
  3. Hey, Hector! Welcome, welcome, welcome
  4. I know Davidsons carried La Clandestine a while back - is La Capricieuse available in the US? If so - I may pop on down there!
  5. This was my experience with my last bottle about 2 years back - very, very thin. Sadness.
  6. Mt. Defiance Absinthe (USA). Reminds me a LOT of the Delaware Phoenix absinthes. I always find photographs useful when deciding whether to try a new absinthe... so here is a photo showing it neat, mid-louche, and fully louched.
  7. I often awaken at 3am as well. Weird.
  8. I have a bottle arriving tomorrow from *I Heart Absinthe*. Looking forward to it!
  9. @Absomphe: "Worcester, Massachusetts"(!) - I was born in Worcester, grew up in Rochdale.
  10. I've found that travel messes with my palette, as well.
  11. Ah, yes. The closest thing to pre-ban on the market today.