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    Joseph Labrecque is senior interactive software engineer for the University of Denver specializing in the creation of expressive desktop, web, and mobile solutions. His work incorporates a strong focus on the Adobe Flash Platform alongside more general web standards initiatives involving the use of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and related technologies. He is also the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for a variety of creative works. Joseph is author of a number of written and recorded publications for organizations which include Lynda.com, Peachpit, Packt, O'Reilly, and video2brain. He speaks regularly at conferences such as Adobe MAX, 360|Stack, and a variety of community user groups while serving as an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Community Professional.
  1. JosephLabrecque

    Straw Colored Leopold Bros. ?

    Most of the bottles of Leopolds I've seen have been less green and more amber/yellow/straw. Quite normal!
  2. JosephLabrecque

    Absinthe.com and VAT, buying from the US

    The prices on the website are adjusted all the time in accordance with fluctuations on currency exchange and such. Seems to move in .50 increments at a time both up and down depending upon the day. I can't speak to VAT though - no clue. I will say that I have *never* had an issue with this vendor whatsoever.
  3. JosephLabrecque

    Justifiée & Ancienne - New Zufanek Absinthe

    2014 L'Ancienne and both 2016 and 2017 J&A.
  4. JosephLabrecque

    Justifiée & Ancienne - New Zufanek Absinthe

    I enjoyed L'Ancienne and J&A as well... \_(ツ)_/¯ Nice work, all.
  5. JosephLabrecque

    Hello from Absinthe NYC

    Hey, Hector! Welcome, welcome, welcome
  6. JosephLabrecque

    Pacific Distillery

    *that* is some service!
  7. JosephLabrecque

    Boulder, Colorado

    I know Davidsons carried La Clandestine a while back - is La Capricieuse available in the US? If so - I may pop on down there!
  8. JosephLabrecque

    Pacific Distillery

    This was my experience with my last bottle about 2 years back - very, very thin. Sadness.
  9. JosephLabrecque

    Mt Defiance Absinthe in VA ABC stores

    It was meant as such!
  10. JosephLabrecque

    Mt Defiance Absinthe in VA ABC stores

    Mt. Defiance Absinthe (USA). Reminds me a LOT of the Delaware Phoenix absinthes. I always find photographs useful when deciding whether to try a new absinthe... so here is a photo showing it neat, mid-louche, and fully louched.
  11. JosephLabrecque

    Sleep and absinthe

    I often awaken at 3am as well. Weird.
  12. JosephLabrecque

    Mt Defiance Absinthe in VA ABC stores

    I have a bottle arriving tomorrow from *I Heart Absinthe*. Looking forward to it!
  13. JosephLabrecque

    What ya drinking tonight?

    @Absomphe: "Worcester, Massachusetts"(!) - I was born in Worcester, grew up in Rochdale.
  14. JosephLabrecque

    What ya drinking tonight?

    I've found that travel messes with my palette, as well.
  15. JosephLabrecque

    King of Spirits only $400

    Ah, yes. The closest thing to pre-ban on the market today.