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  1. For anyone who wishes to know, I had no issues importing these Absinthe's to Australia. Absinthes.com did a great job at keeping me updated, and worked with me to answer any questions I had.

    It's nice to get some great Absinthe sent here to Australia hassle free, and very cheap compared to the prices offered in the stores (Jade 1901 at my local bottleshop, $250!!!!)

  2. I am curious, as I have read on various sites about what % of alcohol needs to be present before distilling, when macerating the herbs.

    I read that the herbs are NORMALLY macerated in alcohol at about 80% and then sometimes more water is added a few hours before distilling.

    Is there an importance in the alcohol being a certain level when macerating? I am quite intrigued in how the whole process works, to make a quality drink.


    Cheers and thanks

  3. I have noticed that Perroquet has a unique feature, here's a quote from the Emile Pernot website:


    "NEW! Now available in a thick tinted 75 cl bottle containing 70 cl of Perroquet absinthe, the remaining 5 cl guarantee an oxygenation and a perpetual maturation of the absinthe and its wine alcohol, as well as a progressive ageing in the bottle."


    Not bad huh?

  4. So far, La Maison is definately my favourite. Very complex compared to (and not exclusively) Mansinthe. The nose, flavour and finish on the Maison leaves me reaching for the bottle almost every night.

    At first, I really enjoyed the Mansinthe, but slowly I have been feeling it really lacks in complexity and boldness compared to La Maison, and the main thing I am noticing on Mansinthe is the alcohol unfortunately.

  5. So, I researched this question to make sure I wasn't asking the same question as anyone else, and I did not find anything.

    I have tried ordering American Absinthe from a few Vendors in America (the recomended ones EG.DrinkupNY and Cat Cellars) and neither would ship to Australia.

    So the question is, does anyone know somewhere that WOULD ship to Australia, and have any Australians had success with it? I am dying to try a few of them.

    Cheers and thanks!