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  1. Secured myself a bottle also. Can't wait.
  2. Thanks for the links. I am aware of both of these, and have heard some not so good reviews about both. I would be very keen to see some traditional Absinthe distilled right here in Australia.
  3. All of you Aussies out there, lend me your ears (and of cause everyone else). Is there much of a demand for good quality, authenique Absinthe in Australia? How do you reckon a distillery would go in Australia, if somone opened one? I am quite interested in what everyone thinks on this subject. Cheers
  4. For anyone who wishes to know, I had no issues importing these Absinthe's to Australia. Absinthes.com did a great job at keeping me updated, and worked with me to answer any questions I had. It's nice to get some great Absinthe sent here to Australia hassle free, and very cheap compared to the prices offered in the stores (Jade 1901 at my local bottleshop, $250!!!!)
  5. Actually started with the Roquette last night. I am not going to write anything about it just yet, as I never know what to think on my first glass.
  6. Just got a beautiful delivery of Roquette, Duplais Balance and Jade 1901 . Now, hard choice on which one to start with, hmmmm.
  7. I am curious, as I have read on various sites about what % of alcohol needs to be present before distilling, when macerating the herbs. I read that the herbs are NORMALLY macerated in alcohol at about 80% and then sometimes more water is added a few hours before distilling. Is there an importance in the alcohol being a certain level when macerating? I am quite intrigued in how the whole process works, to make a quality drink. Cheers and thanks
  8. Okay, now I understand what you guys are laughing at. Yeahhhhhhh (slaps own face).
  9. Very unintentional, and sadly I don't get it. Glad to give you guys a laugh though
  10. Buying it directly from Catskin, or DUNY would be the easiest way. But judging by the fact that they only send Nationally, then I think it would be a lost cause to ask.
  11. Hopefully sometime in the future I will get the chance to taste the awesome sounding American offerings. Until then, I can dream.
  12. So my Mansinthe is now about 5 months old and does not seem to be responding well to ageing. The nose is very alcoholic now and its become quite bitter.