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  1. There is a scene in "Burying My Ex" by Joe Dante where there is a scene in a goth bar. Looks like a goth bar, sounds like one but the absinthe at the bar: 1) Is served with a burning sugar cube and no water 2) The absinthe is in the four spout water fountain 3) It is more of an appletini color and some goth girls say later they got drunk on appletinis and I thought, "Was that what was in the absinthe fountain?" And of course, the dialogue was about how absinthe will mess you up and make you trip ballz. I love Joe Dante's work, but I would think he would have a fact checker in his crew, since they took the time to get the goth club right. Probably used one that is really in LA, but still.
  2. It hasn't happened to me yet...knock on wood.
  3. http://www.amazon.com/Slave-Marshmallows-Steampunk-Novella-ebook/dp/B008S2RJR4 Free from May 2nd-May 6th. Enjoy!
  4. http://io9.com/5980080/malort-the-most-disgusting-liquor-of-all-time They say it is like absinthe without the fire. That without the fire and sugar, absinthe would taste bad. I got to io9 from Jezebel, BTW. I don't know what to be madder at...the use of burnt sugar cubes or the writer saying absinthe tastes bad. Or the person who commented that they didn't get high off of it and "burned" the rest of a $65 bottle of Lucid, whatever that means! What a waste of money.
  5. Maybe I could hit those places up north if I happen to want to go to the Wild Animal Park. Make a day of it. The kicker is I would rather spend the money via the mail for absinthe verus putting the money in my tank for gas. I live in the city. North Park/University Heights area. You would think downtown would have something, but I haven't found it yet. The Coronado bar sounds great. I like that area and its Hotel Del. The Tower Bar has a fountain and does the ritual, but that is the only place in the city I know that has absinthe. I looked around but sort of have me, thinking, maybe wrongly, that San Diego is craft beer and that's it. I got a few choice bottles via NYC stores that have free shipping on first time orders. A bottle can last me a year since I don't drink often. Thanks for the ideas...like I say, next time I want to see the Wild Animal Park, I'll go on an absinthe trek too!
  6. Hey there! Welcome! I am also from San Diego. Maybe we'll run into each other sometime! (I really want to have an absinthe party someday.)
  7. I could never drink or cook with vermouth that fast. I'll settle with my less than expert palette and save the cash. I am a freelance writer living in an expensive city, so I don't have a lot of petty monies. In fact, I just bumped up my vermouth intake from Gallo to the more expensive brands to see if there was a difference. I am sure now I will be called a heathen. :)/> But I could mix it with something...but I tend to like to drink many different cocktails...that's a good idea. Maybe some with whiskey and some with gin, to keep all my bases covered.
  8. This and "it won't make you trip ballz" should be the tag lines of this website.
  9. So, this place is like what dad used to say...never talk about politics and religion in polite company.
  10. I meant more absinthe, not mor...I am unable to edit it.
  11. Guess what? It was colder than Detroit than San Diego today. Detroit was 58 as the high and San Diego 54. I am originally from Michigan, where people think it is *so* cold, but Detroit was about 4-5 degrees warmer and probably didn't have as much wind! I find it amusing! My friends here don't, but I do! Of course, I wish I could get friends of mine to go out to do photo shoots. They only seem to want to do those in August, when it's 95 degrees outside and make me wear steampunk items like thick leather corsets and mulit-layers, then make me hike down a canyon in four inch heel boots. Now, when it is only 50-54 degrees out, no one is to be found. I could be outside all day and not burn!!! Where are these people? I must make some calls. There are a lot of good things about San Diego. It has a lot of culture and a thriving avant garde music scene. Most of the stuff I like is weird, gothic or steampunk...San Diego has one of the oldest and biggest steampunk scenes in the country and I think the first steampunk music night. So, it is full of things I love...it's the stereotypes I don't love...like overly tan blondes, the beach...San Diego is much more than that. I live in a neighborhood with the largest outdoor music festival in California and other abnormal things occurring within a walk from my house. There is a theater too within a walk where I met Bruce Campbell. I couldn't have never done that in the small town I was born in. I know some people from NYC that moved here and say there is nothing to do here...maybe if you are from NYC, but if you are from a farming town that had no culture and suddenly you have a choice at night of going to a goth club, a steampunk event or a free jazz show...it's an amazing place. I could write a pamphlet about that!!! I do like the beach at La Jolla and by the Hotel Del, my tastes are more Victorian and isolated vs. busy crowds. I do have a love/hate relationship with the city, but hey, that's how I roll. Comic Con too, how could I forget that? I'd never been to a con before that, why not start big? And San Diego is close to LA...which has anything that San Diego doesn't and probably a lot mor absinthe.
  12. You used the word "douche" in the article. Double thumbs up!
  13. I should say a tiny bit of wormwood. Just to clear that up.