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  1. I recently had this watch made, which captures the heure verte fantasy I posted about above.
  2. [1]. Yes. Two seemingly intelligent guys trying to act dumb -- and succeeding. [2]. Me too. I couldn't bear to watch long enough to hear what these two had to say about it.
  3. Thanks! I've been privileged along the way to have some Ridge -- Vilya -- verte and blanche, and will be going back to them, for sure. Every glass of absinthe is my personal heure verte. I imagine myself in a Parisian sidewalk cafe on an early summer afternoon, having left work at a civilized hour, unwinding from the cares of the day. Some may call authentic absinthe an expensive bottle of liquor. I call it a cheap vacation -- with time travel, to boot.
  4. About a year ago, Googled "absinthe", found this site, bought a bottle of Pacifique, and I was off and running. Currently working my way through a lovely bottle of Marteau. Always keep a bottle of La Clandestine on hand. Not an exciting tale, but I like it.
  5. Best wishes to all for the New Year! I got an early start on it by opening, last month, my very first bottle of Marteau.
  6. Welcome! Pacifique was the first absinthe I tried, close to a year ago, and I understand why it's your favorite. I'm excited 'cause I have a bottle of Marteau on the way.
  7. Lovely pitcher, and in such wonderful condition! You'd better duck after a remark like that.
  8. Tried the leg squeeze tonight and it worked a charm. The absinthe being louched, by the way, was a sample of 2010 L'Ancienne, courtesy of Brian. Wowwee!
  9. Thanks for these tips. I'll give one or more of them a try. My balancier is proof of that! "What the world needs now is Vas-e-line..." (humming).
  10. I've started having the same problem with my balancier (also a Lucid). How do I get it to go wick-wack again, instead of wonk? Whomp it? Dip it in diluted white vinegar to get the (microscopic, 'cause I can't see anything) gunk out? Can someone please e-Lucid-ate?
  11. Welcome! You'll find lots of good information here.
  12. Glad you ended up here. It would be hard to name a single favorite absinthe, but La Clandestine is certainly in my top tier. Welcome!
  13. Wow, what a start! Enjoy, and welcome!
  14. Welcome, Ralph! Apropos of your story, I recently noticed that the seam on my La Rochere glass seems to be getting wider. I hope it's my imagination, because I wouldn't want my glass to come apart at the seams. That would be unseemly. Seemingly.
  15. Whew, good to hear! And sorry for the delayed reply.
  16. It's the first in the series. There's going to be more!