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  1. I recently had this watch made, which captures the heure verte fantasy I posted about above.
  2. [1]. Yes. Two seemingly intelligent guys trying to act dumb -- and succeeding. [2]. Me too. I couldn't bear to watch long enough to hear what these two had to say about it.
  3. Thanks! I've been privileged along the way to have some Ridge -- Vilya -- verte and blanche, and will be going back to them, for sure. Every glass of absinthe is my personal heure verte. I imagine myself in a Parisian sidewalk cafe on an early summer afternoon, having left work at a civilized hour, unwinding from the cares of the day. Some may call authentic absinthe an expensive bottle of liquor. I call it a cheap vacation -- with time travel, to boot.
  4. About a year ago, Googled "absinthe", found this site, bought a bottle of Pacifique, and I was off and running. Currently working my way through a lovely bottle of Marteau. Always keep a bottle of La Clandestine on hand. Not an exciting tale, but I like it.
  5. Best wishes to all for the New Year! I got an early start on it by opening, last month, my very first bottle of Marteau.
  6. Welcome! Pacifique was the first absinthe I tried, close to a year ago, and I understand why it's your favorite. I'm excited 'cause I have a bottle of Marteau on the way.
  7. Lovely pitcher, and in such wonderful condition! You'd better duck after a remark like that.
  8. Tried the leg squeeze tonight and it worked a charm. The absinthe being louched, by the way, was a sample of 2010 L'Ancienne, courtesy of Brian. Wowwee!
  9. Thanks for these tips. I'll give one or more of them a try. My balancier is proof of that! "What the world needs now is Vas-e-line..." (humming).
  10. I've started having the same problem with my balancier (also a Lucid). How do I get it to go wick-wack again, instead of wonk? Whomp it? Dip it in diluted white vinegar to get the (microscopic, 'cause I can't see anything) gunk out? Can someone please e-Lucid-ate?
  11. Welcome! You'll find lots of good information here.