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  1. Thanks for the warm welcomes guys :D Shortly after posting, I found out I'm within easy driving distance of a distillery (http://www.immortalspirits.com/), got quite excited that I might be able to get my hands on local absinthe, then immediately decided against it after reading Knarr's reviews on here. Edit for reference: http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=619:knarr&catid=20:traditional-absinthe&Itemid=275 Oregon, while beautiful and generally wonderful people, seems to have that effect on me a lot: "Wow, how awesome is it that [obscure product] is made almost in my own backyard! Oh wait, they're just capitalizing on those that don't know any better, and the product isn't even remotely authentic. Fantastisch."
  2. As a recently graduated Creative Writing major, I've always had an interest in absinthe, both as a drink and as an idea. Unfortunately, having been raised by parents who were massively against substance use of any kind, my first introduction to absinthe was through the film Eurotrip at the age of 14, which was... less than an accurate representation. More recently, I've begun to understand more about the real cultural background of absinthe, as opposed to the silly modern concept that most people seem to see in it. A few months ago, my fiancee watched a documentary on Netflix about the rebirth of absinthe particularly in the US, and became mildly obsessed. Her 21st birthday is this February, and I've decided that my gift to her will be as authentic an absinthe experience as possible. I've done a bit of research, which at first glance made it seem like the highest thujone content was what I was looking for, but the more I learned, the more I realized that absinthe isn't just a chemical that you ingest, or a substance to be abused, but rather an experience to be enjoyed and savored. I'll be buying cups and spoons (less expensive ones to start, naturally), and set aside a full evening. From what I've gathered from this site and others, I've settled on either Berthe de Joux (the highest scoring I found in the reviews), or Jade PF 1901 (as I've seen it mentioned about a dozen times in various favorite brand threads). Roquette 1797 also looked interesting, though it did not review as well. Apologies for the rambling and what I'm sure is a novice's interpretation of good absinthe.