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  1. right, which is why I stated on my third post in this thread that said topic was for a different forum. But yeah, there are many tasty absinthe out there. And some not so tasty wanna be absinthes. I swear, I tried one that tasted like mouthwash. God thing I only bought it for the bottle. Once I force myself through that bottle,which will be a hard task, it will be washed and used to store my ejuice.
  2. Thanks for your input, these are things that I have already considered. Maybe you missed the part where I said I make e-juice. The lab, I have. And state law allows me to distill up to a certain amount. As long as it is for personal use. I am not just another noob just coming here trying to find out how to make absinthe.
  3. Actually, our brew shop has all the dry ingredients I need. Including wormwood.
  4. im in anchorage, know right where you went to school. Yeah, most have to wait for the flying monkeys. There is a brew shop that has everything I would need to make my own. And I actually am thinking of doing that. Basically I would be trying to mimic the taste of my ejuice which mimics an absinthe. But, this topic is for another forum.
  5. Thanks guys, looking forward to spending some time here.
  6. I bought the green mainly for the bottle. I knew it wasn't going to be a true absinthe. Turns out it tasted like mouthwash. It doesn't really louche at all. I have only had one glass from that bottle and I had to force myself through that.
  7. Hey Just joined, but been drinking absinthe for a while. I'm in Alaska and I love me Some absinthe. Love is so much that I make am eliquid for electronic cigarettes based on absinthe. Anyway, been lurking a while, decided it was time to join.