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  1. So tell me Studiofox, were you born a dumass, or did your parents drop you on your head when you were young?
  2. I strongly suspect that Eden and Scotty Bones are one and the same.
  3. Thujone is not an "active" ingredient of anything.
  4. Looks like absinthium to me, not powis castle. cannot say for sure w/out seeing it in person.
  5. Welcome. I was visiting your website. It is very nice and all but I would like to make a suggestion. Would you please remove the link to Absinthebuyersguide? The reason that I am asking this is because the guy who runs that place is a bad person who offended and hurt some of the more beloved and respected members of our little community. Other than that, I like your site.
  6. Very good and informative post Sixer. I did not think that the batch that measured 150mg/l was thoroughly undrinkable. heavy on the wormwood yes, and it did have quite the bitter finnish. I was just calling to question the idea that a properly distilled Absinthe will always have low Thujone numbers. I believe that it really is not as simple as that. I am glad that this issue was discussed in this manner. It has illuminated some gaps in my understanding. Thanks you guys.
  7. At the Time that he did that show, that was what he, and everybody else believed. It still may be largely correct. There also may be a number of factors that have not been fully realised.
  8. 1. It is my understanding that Alpha is considered more active, and that Beta is considered largely inactive. As for your second Question I do not believe that the Government makes any distinction between the two. Furthermore, it is also my understanding that A.a. contains both in varying amounts.
  9. I wish that I could say more, but I have been told(by an unamed insider) that some recent, unpublished tests seem to question the theory that Thujone "stays in the pot", or does not come over during the distillation. I do not think that anyone really knows for sure right now. I guess that caused me to take issue w/ Spaz's tone of authority that he took in making a statement that I believe may very well be incorrect.
  10. Who told you this? Are you absolutely sure that this is factual information? I am asking because I am not certain that this is true.
  11. Zelena Muza and KOS both taste similar to what an absinthe macerate would taste like before distillation. The intense bitterness comes from the Aa.
  12. Yes. He probably comes the closest so far. It is still on a much smaller scale than a large maker would have been doing back in the day.
  13. Only when a solera system for long term aging of distilled Absinthe is developed by a commercial distiller will we know for sure. Right now this type of thing is not being done on a large scale.
  14. I highly doubt that Maison Pernod Fils would have gone through the trouble, much less the expense of aging their Absinthe for two years if it was "overrated".
  15. Um, No. Aging can make a world of difference. You can take that to the bank. I assure you of this.
  16. Usually down to about 20g/l or slightly less. Also, Using wormwood that has a higher proportion of leaves(less flowers) produces a distillate that is white, and has a more subtle wormwood flavor.
  17. I am sure that there is more than one school of thought when it comes to this issue. I do know of some makers that reduce the amount of wormwood in the recipe whilst making a blanche in order to avoid a yellow tint. " I have only seen amber hue in tails, never in the heart." It usually starts turning yellow(not amber) about two thirds through the run the times I have seen it.
  18. IMO A yellow tint is not necessarily indicative of a flawed absinthe. I have seen this happen when high quality(lots of flowers) wormwood is used in the macerate.
  19. I agree with G&C on this one. A properly made Absinthe should not need to be sugared. The whole spoon and sugar ritual was a promotional gimmick that the Absinthe makers employed to make the drink more attractive to women. It might be interesting to find out how many Absinthe drinkers actually used the sugar cubes back during the day.
  20. I tasted this product a couple of weeks ago. I believe that the yellow tint is coming from the wormwood. I have seen this happen when wormwood containing a large proportion of flowers is used. This is why I believe it is better to use only the leaves of the Absinthe plant whilst distilling a blanche. Of course if you "Gassify" it, the yellow will go away.