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  1. Happy New Years!!!! Obsello II just became my new go-to for the Absinthing!!! We gots a review and video of the louching but it's gonna hafta wait 'till the buzzz passes. (Just know that's wez Happy w/ it!!!!)
  2. (The price is Reeee-diculous!!!!!!!)
  3. Obsello just showed up in Santa Rosa, Ca. at the Bottle Barn, I'm assuming it's Obsello 2 as it's a rum base. Slotted for New Years eve...
  4. Relative newcomer to the Absinthe reality but it's definately Love. Found the Youtube episode of Obsessives on St George Absinthe and promptly found myself a bottle, some ice water and some friends. Have tried a few others, La Sorciere Verte (The Snow Fairy's slotted for upcoming B-Day!), La Muse, Vieux Pontarlier and a couple others not worth mentioning. Really looking forward to exploring this site and what it has to offer! Can't wait to delve into some of the higher rated Absinthes that are reviewed here! So here's a big thank you to the gods of the site and a big thank you to all the other lovers out there! Respect.