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  1. Delaware Phoenix is actually located about 40 mins away. Definitely doable
  2. Hey everyone! I've been lurking this website for a few months now and finally decided to join. I should thank all of you for your reviews, since they led me to purchase a bottle of Delaware Phoenix Meadow of Love, which has proved to be excellent. It will be difficult to resist Walton Waters being my next purchase. Otherwise, I'm relatively new to absinthe. I bought my first bottle of Lucid a few years ago (illegally, actually, since I was underage at the time ). Since then, my experience has been only occasionally, in the few bars that happen to stock absinthe. I've been able to try Vieux Pontarlier, Mansinthe, and Absinthe Ordinaire (well.."made from traditional absinthe herbs" in the case of the last one). More recently I've been a little more seriously interested in it, as well as other liquors. I'm hoping that sometime in the nearish future I will have the opportunity to try pre-ban absinthe, but as a student, I'll probably have to stick to a sample size prices for a while. Nice meeting all of you
  3. Marc and Michèle, Your personal business aside, I'm curious to know how the sampling turns out. If it's legitimate, I have yet to try pre-ban...