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  1. Hmmm........as a big fan of the Jade PF 1901 and Edouard I'm very curious about this one, and look forward to trying it soon!
  2. I raise my glass of absinthe to you all! Everyone have a safe, healthy and Happy New Year in 2014!
  3. For this special evening I'm breaking out the GOOD stuff. Jade PF 1901 from a 2012 batch! I'm saving what little Jade L'Espirit d'Edouard I have left for later. Happy New Year to all readers of the Wormwood Society forum!!
  4. Believe it or not, Lucid tonight. I know, I know, but I've got to get rid of it somehow. It's been sitting on the counter with a few sips taken out of it for almost a year and I can report that age has done nothing to improve it. Thank the green stars that I have GOOD absinthe to resort to later on. Guys, I'm taking one for the team...........
  5. Since I prefer my absinthe with sugar I usually use the spoon with sugar cube underneath the balancier method. Works beautifully! For me the ritual is half the fun and one of the things that makes this drink so fascinating.
  6. Walton Waters with sugar to start off with. From there, who knows?
  7. As mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the wife and I are off to Seattle for our first real vacation in 8 years (this is NO joke). We are planning on visiting Marc at the the home of Pacifique during our travels around the Camano Island/Seattle area. Too bad they don't serve absinthe at Safeco Field, as we're scheduled to see the Mariners battle it out with the Yankees there during our stay. I'm also looking forward to having my first absinthe served to me in a bar, probably at the Zig Zag Cafe. I shall make sure to toast the members of the Wormwood Society there!
  8. Jade PF 1901. Breakin' out the good stuff 'cause it's the begining of VACATION!!! Off to Seattle, the land of Pacifique and Marteau! WHOOHOO!!! Looking forward to taking a tour of Pacific Distillery and having my first absinthe served in a USDA bona fied BAR!
  9. Just cracked open my latest bottle of Ridge Verte. Ah yes, Montana's finest!
  10. It's Jade Esprit Edouard tonight, which I haven't sipped for a couple of months. The wife is enjoying Cuervo 1800. I might take a bit of a tour this evening. The Eddy, then perhaps to the west coast with Marteau and/or Pacifique, maybe following up with a La Clandestine? Yea, Manray's got his drinking socks on tonight. (Line courtesy of "My Favorite Year".)
  11. Jade PF 1901 tonight. Yea, break out the GOOD stuff!
  12. The wife and I will be in the Seattle/Camano Island area in early June and Cafe Zig Zag is on the "do drop in" list. As long as they have Marteau and Pacifique I'll be a happy boy!
  13. Wow, sounds like you're getting some great publicity there Marc! The wife and I have finally locked in our vacation dates, so we should be in the Seattle/Camano Island area in the first week of June. I'll send you a PM soon either through this board or your web site so we can arrange a tour. Looking forward to seeing your new setup!