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  1. Hello, and welcome! If you could be so kind as to tell me what you think of Meadow of Love I would appreciate it. I am torn between purchasing the former or Walton Waters.
  2. When I began smoking cigars I chose the Acid Kuba Kuba. It was not before long that I noticed construction issues with cigars made by Drew Estate. I then started smoking more traditional (real cigars) and have never looked back. I even found construction issues with cigars in the Liga Privada line which was quite a disappointment. I like Kristoff cigars especially the Ligero Maduro and the Sumatra, as well as Arturo Fuente Opus X. Currently I am smoking the Perdomo Habano Maduro.
  3. Does anyone know details regarding this absinthe? It looks like the color is from hibiscus. I am interested in how the louche would look, aside from the detail given. http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=935
  4. Hey Gabber, welcome to the forum. I was wondering what your opinion is on the Nostalgie Paris 1900? I noticed it in the pic.
  5. I love that show... IMHO it is one of the best written shows on television
  6. Welcome! There is a great deal of information on this site, and I learn something new every time I visit. On a side note, does L'Ancienne come out once or twice a year?
  7. Ted offers a wealth of information and is very enthusiastic. I really enjoy listening to him.
  8. My first purchase of absinthe included Berthe de Joux and Jade PF 1901. I can say that they both are exceptional, I enjoyed both very much. I am however speaking from limited experience.
  9. If you read the reviews for the PF1901 there is a review that is a direct comparison of the two.
  10. I am looking to purchase a new bottle of absinthe and have come up with two. Roquette 1797 is the first and Jade Edouard is the second. I have read the reviews on both and was wondering which one would you reccomend I purchase? I am a big fan of the Jade PF 1901 if that helps at all...
  11. Spent an hour and a half smoking an Arturo Fuente Anejo outside, god I love the winter.
  12. Started with Absente, I know I know I want to finish the bottle... Then went to Berthe De Joux and finished with La Maison Fontaine
  13. Just finished smoking an Opus X super belicoso, what an amazing cigar
  14. Good luck with the lounge. What kind of brands are you going to offer?
  15. I love smoking maduros and have to say my favorite maduro is the Padron 1926 #2s, Arturo Fuente Anejo Sharks are a close second. The 1926s are pricy so I regularly smoke Perdomo Habano Maduro Robustos. For non-maduros I smoke Aurturo Fuente Hemmingways, Opus X's, and Hammer and Sickle Moscow Cities. I also smoke Cubans when I can get my hands on them.