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  1. Back to drinks, these teeth stories make me cringe... I had some Harpoon Peche tonight, not sour at all, but had a real nice musty/dusty taste to it, sort of like peach peels, and it was dry as hell. I'm getting a few more of these to age for awhile, should balance out nicely in a year's time. Now some pomegranate wheat from Saranac, OK, crisp wheaty flavor and subtle pomegranate flavor, not too sweet as most fruit beers are. Not something I'd enjoy regularly, but decent none-the-less.
  2. "In the meantime my arguments are valid" How so?
  3. Here we stand on a rocky shore Your father stood here before you I can see his ghost explore you I can feel the sea implore you Not to pass on by Not to walk on by and not to try Just to let it come Don't bang the drum Just let it come Don't bang the drum Just let it come Don't bang the drum Do you know how to let it come now?
  4. What he said, them's the real deal.
  5. That in itself isn't necessarily bad, but with the improper seals (in some shots you can see steam blowing out of the swan neck/condenser joint) and operating at too high a temp and condenser not cooling enough (again, you see steam blowing out of the outlet pipe with some condensate), that steam is highly flammable and that makes the open flame very dangerous. Not to mention reducing the yeild quite a bit, lots of tasty alcohol was evaporating in that steam.
  6. More importantly, he didn't know how to properly and safely run a still.
  7. One other thing, Here are the stills used by LeMercier.
  8. It's not a blanche, but a very poorly colored verte, also they see fit to add wormwood oil to the finished product to boost the thujone level. That could be another reason you are picking up "off" tastes.
  9. The way some of the herbs can mingle together will give one different tastes on their palate. I think it was the hyssop that some people perceive as a plastic taste, not sure though I'll have to check my old notes on that. As for using plastic components in distillation? That is completely foolish and should never be done.
  10. Big difference, a usually regular stock item vs. a one off item. Plus the hints a month ago show planning. This stinks.
  11. This is the lowest form of shilling and an act that I find to be of the most despicable nature.
  12. I believe that Grey Boy was on the right track with the source of the "funkiness" as it is called. Though I think he's a bit off in describing it as "earthy". For myself, this "funkiness" character takes on a bit of subtle "fishyness" to me, which is indicative of tails collection. Though not tails collected by the Jade run but, as stated earlier, during the production of the base alcohol, the marc that is distilled. I was recently privileged enough to try a sample of marc tails that a colleague of mine acquired. It definitely had this so-called "funkiness" in both the aroma and taste. Obviously it was strong in this tails sample which I believe would lead to it infecting a large batch of clean marc collection with its flavor. I think the additional herbs/spices used in the Jade NO cover this flavor fairly well, a simple pontarlier recipe will allow this flavor to be more dominant.
  13. Avoid extremes; and shun the fault of such, Who still are pleas'd too little or too much. At ev'ry trifle scorn to take offence, That always shows great pride, or little sense;
  14. Only a fool would distill over a naked flame.
  15. I was wondering about the answer to Gatsby's question too. Thank you for the clarification doctor. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This sounds like a noble experiment, I will be curious as to the outcome.