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  1. I just wanted to share this incredible spooner that I found on Amazon. The color is just so perfect sitting next to my Verte's. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006ECSOHO/ref=pe_175190_21431760_M3C_ST1_3p_dp_i1 Vaseline Opalescent Glass Footed Spooner Eyewinker Pattern Made in Ohio Measures 4.5" wide and 5 3/4" Vaseline Opalescent Glass Made with Uranium Holds Spoons or Forks Will Glow Under Black Light </p>
  2. I haven't actually tasted either of these yet. As far as I can tell, it's a love/hate relationship. Some go one way, others go the opposite. I'm still working on the jades.
  3. Sierra Discount Market (775) 575-5409 882 Us Highway 95a S, Fernley, NV carries Kübler and Absent
  4. Totally awesome website with some really good information. I lucked out so big this weekend. I picked out a bottle with two different abv%'s ... to do a taste test on how the alcohol effects the taste ... everything else being identical, to purchase next month ... and what does absinthe.com do ... offers one of them at 25% off and with 2 free miniature spoons per order for the first 50 people ... ha, I had my order in 15 min after I received the news letter ... BWEG The discount is in error though, as it's only 15%, so customer service needs to fix it before they bill me and make it 25%.
  5. I should have the 44$ kit by Tuesday at the latest ... was due today, but today is Sunday so I think that let's them off the hook. I look forward to reading your comments. It's a German website, so off hour posting is delayed till the next day, if you are posting from the USA. I've memorized it, so I can "bother" the staff with all kinds of questions ... Midnight my time is 9am their time ...laughs Jo I love the Duplais series too ... mmmm They get sneaky with the names .... I have learned: Different types of Wormwood, NOT totally different herbs ... Grand wormwood- part of the holy trinity, Gentian a high mountain wormwood has a similar but different taste, so if you find yourself saying it tastes like, but not really, it might be this one and Pontica which can also be called Petite/small/ Roman wormwood - if you think the wormwood taste is really harsh and overwhelming, it's probably this one. They taste enough alike to be confusing if you don't recognize that they are just 3 different wormwood varieties ... Green Anise is the same as Sweet Anise - it is a European herb, can taste of cinnamon and soft, gentle, rolling licorice that is not in the slightest candy tasting. Star Anice is the same as Badine - it is an Asian herb - tastes like licorice candy hope that helps
  6. I also loooooove the research and planing, and cross checking and decision making, and spend weeks on it. Bit of a let down once it's over and the stuff is ordered. Have therefore, instituted a monthly purchase, so it can start all over again. I personally would love to try some US absinthe. But, it's too bloody hard to get. Have, so far, ordered from 3 places including drink up NY, and two of the MOL distributors ... who all cancelled my order because they don't deliver to Nevada. sigh Absinthe dot com has free shipping (my favorite price) and doesn't seem to have any problems delivering anything I order in 8-10 days. So, no USA brands for me, unless someone wants to send me a gift??? Jo
  7. absinthe dot com ... free shipping with orders of 200. Which is about 3 bottles of the good stuff, 4 if you are very, very careful. Jo
  8. Antica Sambuca is not artificially colored. They are colored the same way Absinthe Verte's are. Though I think the black is licorice boiled down before it's macerated/infused. If I remember correctly, it has to be boiled down to get that really dark black color, otherwise it will end up a blue/grey color. Jo
  9. You are soooo drinking absinthe waayyyy above my price bracket... sigh Most of the reviews for the absinthe I've bought have mentions of "bitterness" , usually attributed to the wormwood i think. bitter woody taste, bitterness fades to flowery ... stuff like that. Should I be jealous ... green eyes, for the green goddess?
  10. Sorry, all the stuff you are nasty about is stuff you perceive is "implied" absolutely none of it is actually based on fact. While nothing on the web can be considered "true" ... I find that this company is well respected, very clear that sambuca is made from star anise from china, infused and then distilled. ... and used all natural color and flavorings. The absinthe word on the bottle is identical to the flavor listing for every single one of their other sambuca blends The slightest amount of fact checking would have given you enough information to know that other than the sales gimmicks, everything you've all said is pure imagination if not libel, and totally irresponsible. http://www.admiralimports.com/s_Antica_Sambuca.html http://www.youngsmarket.com/index.php/news/article/introducing-antica-sambuca-from-the-heart-of-italys-veneto-region Not liking a sales gimmick doesn't provide an excuse to attack the product with lies. Jo
  11. I completely fail to understand the negative reaction to this drink. It very clearly says it's a Sambuca, with absinthe flavor added. Makes me think of people just looking for something to sneer at. And it's not the drink that leaves with the bad impression. Jo
  12. I HATE black licorice and black jelly beans. Won't even kiss Mr Perfect if he's eating them. I despise the taste of alcohol, won't even eat chocolate mousse if the flavor of the alcohol is noticeable. I adore the flavor of most absinthe's that I've tasted so far. Of course I have been very blessed to have the great folks at absinthe dot com to direct me to the great stuff. Absinthe is licorice "like" in flavor, or "reminiscent of" ... it is definitely not the "same as" An excellent adventure for myself and Mr Perfect who loves black licorice and black jellybeans. As long as I avoid those brands that actually use licorice in their drinks, Mr Perfect and I look forward to a long and blissful relationship with the Green Fairy. Johanna
  13. Exactly how important is it to use only organic absinthe leaves .... :huh: ? La Muse Verte Absinthe 90 PTS ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLENGE 2010. It's one of the rare absinthe on the market with ahistorical alcohol content of 68%. It's the only absinthe made with totally fresh cut organic absinthe leaves.
  14. http://www.totalwine.com/ 6671 S. Virginia St The Commons Reno Nevada 775-835-3669 Currently carried: Kübler Leopold Bros Lucid Mansinthe Mephisto Pernod 68 aux Extrait d'Absinthe St. George Vieux Carr Superieure
  15. Is anyone familiar with Alchemy of England, they have this gorgeous glass on Amazon, but I think it may be waaaaayyyyyy too thin. Thanks http://www.amazon.com/La-Fee-Verte-Absinthe-Tumbler/dp/B0032THSH4/ref=sr_1_61?ie=UTF8&qid=1346596683&sr=8-61&keywords=absinthe
  16. Thank You I've book marked that for what will no doubt be frequent reference. Jo
  17. Fascinating. I've ordered all 3 for my husband and I to listen to while having our daily green hour. Thanks. Jo
  18. Is there a list of what abbreviations mean somewhere? What is Bdj and EP? Thanks Jo
  19. Catskill Cellars has this on their website: Not sure if it means that I could get stuck with an empty bottle and they won't replace it. Any one have a clue? '*Please Note: Bottle tops are hand driven corks, sealed only by wax and therefore we cannot guarantee against seepage or cork dislodging during shipment.' Thanks Jo
  20. I think the spam filter is glitching. I tried to register but the spam filter baffles me. It says 19 minus 9 equals I put in 10 - it says wrong try again I write the equation - it says wrong try again I write the equation plus the answer - it says wrong try again Help Jo
  21. I desperately want to have a tasting kit. This is the best one that I have found. http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=880 If there are any better ones available that anyone knows about, please let me know. Also, I have written a note to them, all about my dream tasting kits, in the comments section. If anyone else would be interested in tasting kits, please read my comments and leave your own, and maybe, one day we'll get one. (probably need to give it some time to get posted though) Thanks Johanna