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  1. Your under no obligation to read my posts. But you did. And in the future don't truncate quotes to fit your arguments. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I rarely "cut and paste", as I learned to type long before Mr.Gore invented the Internet. I quoted you exactly. Perhaps you were just startled to see your own words bracketed by mere quotation marks. It could cause you to think about what you said. It could cause you to review the actual words you used and, (God forfend) manually compare your original remark to the accurate quotation. If it caused you to do any of these things, then it was a refreshing pause for us all and my mission was accomplished.
  2. If Gatsby thought that we needed to be told what a coelacanth is, I expect that he would have included that information in his post. Thanks so much for the learned exegesis. By the way. . .The year was 1938, not "in the early 50's". And I'm fine, thanks for asking.
  3. I shall venture that it is Artemisia stelleriana. Aka. Dusty Miller or Old Woman. Used as an annual bedding plant. And I'm fine, thanks for asking!