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  1. Welcome fellow Torontonian. I feel your pain about the LCBO. You could also try the SAQ in Quebec if you are in the Mo treal region. They have some better brands such as Vieux Pontarlier quite regularly. I also order from some mail order US vendors when Iam there for an extended vacation. Enjoy and check out all the knowledge onthe website. Andrew.
  2. Mmmmmmm, pork chops. Welcome to another Canuck. The people here are passionate about absinthe and I believe that they want you to know the truth about absinthe and the myths around thujone so that you will be able to enjoy a wonderful drink.
  3. I'm also a little more partial to Irish. My last name starts O'! Right now I have a bottle of Paddy and Glenfiddich open. I am saving a Bushmills single and sherry barrel aged Glenfiddich for a special occaission I have coming up this spring. The Sherry barrel aged Glenfiddich is a gift from my wife. Last year her Christmas gift to me was an Absinthe fountain. Not only that, she will on occaission join me for a glass of absinthe. I am very lucky!
  4. Hi from another resident of Ontario but in the GTA. I am like you, I usually buy my absinthe when I am in the States. Occasionally the LCBO has something good other than Lucid but it is intermittent. My brother lives in Ottawa so I do use Quebec' SAQ but find my best success is in the U.S. I want to give a shout out to DrinkUpNY, Astor Wine & Spirits and Total Wine and Spirits.
  5. Wells Bombardier with a cottage pie and then a pina colada
  6. Happy New Year everyone. I hope the discussions and observations remain as lively and opinionated as ever. Best of all, this is all supported with passion for and knowledge of absinthe.
  7. Bonjour/Hello Max from another Canadian in Ontario.
  8. I buy a bottle of your Absinthe every time I come down from Canada to the States. I am grateful for what you are doing with Absinthe.
  9. Hi Angelo: Good to see someone else from Toronto. Welcome.
  10. It is now being called a "Fabulous Vintage French Absinthe Fountain" I don't recall plastic being used as a washer in Belle Époque France - just saying
  11. Yes please. I will send a pm with my e-mai.