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  1. Welcome and cheers! :cheers:

    :secret2: Btw always found parapsychology, The paranormal, occult, and esoteric to be quite interesting ,although, I am just an interested sceptic to be honest. We are jam-packed down here with stories, legends and folklore, we have two of the most "Haunted" places in America 1. Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville) 2. New Orleans.


    I have never had an experience ( besides the spirits I pour in my glasses :laugh: ) but someone I know from college said they had a poltergeist throw a pot at her in a kitchen (it just missed her face and her boyfriend saw it!) Needless to say they moved from that house. Happy hunting! :wave2:



    You stay safe with that storm heading your way!

  2. I would love to get over there some day. i am afraid of flying so I must figure out how to get this RV to float..you have amazing history and tons of haunts i would die to investigate


    Sounds like a cruise might be in your future!


    My local pub is over 500 years old, so plenty of time to pick up the odd ghost.


    I've never seen anything there (although plenty of people have) but we did have a strange experience once when it suddenly went extremely cold at our table - enough to give both me and my girlfriend "goose bumps" on our arms.

    That is so neat 500 years wow. I love those little personal experiences that make you go hmmmm? If winning the lottery is in my future (which Im certain it is) then a cruise is definitely the way to go.

  3. Soooo..... :g: Paranormal Paige,

    What do you think of ParaNorman ? :wave2:

    And btw, I'm sure if you take these fine folks up on their offer you will get the chance to taste many top notch absinthes.

    These are good people here. On a road I drive several times a week, through Grassy Cove

    and up Spring City mountain is Mile Marker no. 10 .

    Matter of fact, I stopped there again today, and haunted or not, it is real.

    I have not seen Paranorman yet..I am stuck inside with a back injury :( I have heard of mile marker ten..I have not been I would assume there is a gradient in the road not detectable by eye..will check it out when I head that way. I have been calling some liquor stores in the area I am in right now (Port Richey Florida) to see the selection of Absinthe they carry..not many choices so I will have another bottle of Lucid. I would love to try some top notch absinthes..the problem I have traveling is I have no address where I can order any online so I at the mercy of the local stores. I may try some Meadow of love that a friend ordered so that will be nice.

  4. Hello Paige and welcome (-:


    Like many other members, I've seen my share of paranormal shows on television. One thing I always wonder is, if those folks were not sponsored by the show or production company making the show, where would they get their funding? I cringe when I look at my fuel budget just going to work every day, I wouldn't even want to consider feeding a hungry RV.

    Well first thing imho those shows are crap! Good for entertainment but that is about it. A credible paranormal group will not charge a client so this is all done out of our own pockets for the love of what we do. Yes the gas prices are killing me...when I was in Los Angelos to fill this 75 gallon tank was almost $400...yikes.

  5. Hi Paige :cheers:


    What an interesting job you have! I live in Glastonbury in England - we have lots of strange going-on's here, and like many old English towns a few haunted pubs!


    I would love to get over there some day. i am afraid of flying so I must figure out how to get this RV to float..you have amazing history and tons of haunts i would die to investigate

  6. Well thank you all for the warm welcome. I was a little skeptical of the paranormal as well..so I had to go and find out for myself....well to make a long story short something followed me home and well...yeah...its been interesting...it better stay away from my absinthe or I am calling a demonologist..Luscious Oily Lesbians!


    If I win the lotto I will surely get you that bottle!


    I was just down in New Orleans a few months ago...didn't get to go to The Myrtles did however investigate Oak Alley Plantation. Love the vibe of New Orleans...must return soon!


    If anyone has a haunted location in there town let me know and I will come check it out. And perhaps we can have a nice drink. :yahoo:


    hmmmm I never thought of calling a luscious oily lesbian....heck Ill try anything once.

  7. Hi everyone

    I thought I should introduce myself.My name is Paige I am a paranormal investigator traveling the country in an RV looking for haunted locations. I think it is time for me to take a break and look for that green fairy. I have really enjoyed lurking on this site...very informative and I am loving the reviews. Now if I can just win the lotto, there are so many I NEED to try. Thanks for having me and once again great site.