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  1. Advance notice to all Wormwood Socialites in the Washington, DC area: you can obtain local delivery of Toulouse Red in DC from Federal Spirits.
  2. We also attribute some of the sweetness to the cane base. I'm curious how you acquired your bottle? We had one gentleman drive all the way from Texas to get one for a friend. Is there any connection here? We hope to announce a more efficent purchasing method for TX residents soon.
  3. Père Ubu, I'm glad you've enjoyed your Toulouse Red so far and look forward to seeing your full review. Regarding the color, I would like to note that Toulouse Red is made with 100% natural herbs. No artificial colors or flavors are used. For summertime drinking, I recommend our Absinthe Frappé: http://ateliervie.com/ateliervie/dreaming-of-summer-with-toulouse-red-absinthe-frappe
  4. For local outlets, see this link: http://ateliervie.com/where-to-buy
  5. It's possible Martin Wine Cellar will be able to ship - give them a call at 504.894.7420. They may not have stock yet, but should shortly.
  6. Atelier Vie has released our Red Absinthe, Toulouse Red, which has been a topic of discussion on this site a couple times. I thought that the demanding absintheurs of the Wormwood Society might like to see some of the initial reactions to our release. http://www.nola.com/...t_river_default https://twitter.com/...9241089/photo/1 https://twitter.com/...6/photo/1/large http://noladefender.com/content/r33e2d All best from New Orleans!
  7. Hello Evan, Mark Venczel is no longer a member of the company. For information on our team, visit http://ateliervie.com/company.
  8. Hello, Jedd Haas here, president of Atelier Vie. Our absinthe, Toulouse Red, has been the subject of much interest in New Orleans; and I note it's been discussed in these forums as well. So we're here to join in the fun. For more information on us, visit our site, http://ateliervie.com