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  1. You have nothing to worry about. Enjoy!
  2. Hello, I am Jascha Jacobson, a distiller at Atelier Vie distillery in New Orleans. Please check out our website at ateliervie.com. Products to hit the shelves in the next month or two! We are working on red, green and white absinthes, as well as a variety of specialty vodkas and gins - maybe a whiskey or two down the line. We are a small, startup company, different from the many "millionaires with a dream" distilleries that you see popping up out there. Expect to see a variety of both new school herbal liquors and traditional absinthes in the near future.
  3. Okay okay, there is nothing that sets this absinthe apart and makes it super-duper high quality, except that we are using traditional methods to create a new school product. So I know many of you Wormwood Socialites will balk and frown at anything that is not strictly traditional, but this is the direction that our company has chosen to pursue. Now, for you traditional enthusiasts, we will be releasing a verte and a blanche in the not-too-distant future, and these will be made in the classic way of course. I am playing with recipes right now, and personally I'd say the blanche is my favorite, but for other reasons that are out of my hands we are going with the rouge as the first one out. I can personally attest to the difficulty in making proper cuts in absinthe on a small still. Soon all of our production will be 30 gallon batches, and if we can sell a few cases, we will move up to a 250 gallon bain marie still. Gotta start somewhere, right?! Anyway, thanks everyone for taking interest in our tiny new new distillery!
  4. You are (deliberately?) reading into it the wrong way. Hello, I'm Jascha Jacobson, the guy in that video. I have been making absinthe for years, and I know how to make cuts. We take our absinthe very seriously at Atelier Vie, and Tolouse Red will be our flagship product. So, now matter how the local TV station edits me, or what I stutter in front of their cameras, you can rest assured that our products will be of utmost quality.