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  1. I've got a couple of those resting in the humidor at the moment. Not tried one yet, but you've inspired me to light one up -- they've had long enough resting!
  2. Finally got around to getting a couple of Cohiba Rubutos. They only had a month in my humidor, but smoked like a dream. Very creamy and rich on the palate. I can't afford to buy them by the box, but very nice occasionally.
  3. Tonight I'll be enjoying a few glasses of Clandestine. I've never had a blanche before and decided it was time to give one a go.
  4. I've only just discovered the joys of pipe smoking. I found cigars to be too heavy to enjoy with absinthe, they are much better paired with rum I find, but the pipe is ideal. I've been enjoying some mild aromatics and cavendish blends which go very nicely with the green hour.
  5. A glass of Enigma and very much in love with the new Johnny Marr album.
  6. Can't go wrong with a bottle of Butterfly - I get that over here in England so hopefully you can get that in the States.
  7. Cheers! My table, complete with absinthe, fountain and glasses will be an oasis of civility in a sea of unopened packing boxes! It's all about priorities!
  8. I've got a bottle of Doubs Mystique on my desk as I type. I've not had this one before so the day can't end quick enough so I can get home and have a glass. I moved into a new house yesterday, so it seems an appropriate way to toast our new home
  9. Thanks guys I got a wonderful four-tap absinthe fountain from my fiancee - just about to test it out!
  10. Sounds like a cruise might be in your future! My local pub is over 500 years old, so plenty of time to pick up the odd ghost. I've never seen anything there (although plenty of people have) but we did have a strange experience once when it suddenly went extremely cold at our table - enough to give both me and my girlfriend "goose bumps" on our arms.
  11. Hi Paige What an interesting job you have! I live in Glastonbury in England - we have lots of strange going-on's here, and like many old English towns a few haunted pubs!
  12. It compares very highly. Blackthorn and Strongbow are mass produced products. Good West Country ciders such as those by Thatcher's and Weston's are much better. If you like a strong cider try Weston's "Old Rosie" - a proper scrumpy and deceptively drinkable!
  13. Just had a very pleasant "lunchtime meeting" at the Old Duke in Bristol, which involved a few pints of Thatcher’s cider. Very agreeable if you are a fan of cider, however the outlook for productivity this afternoon is only fair to middling! Absinthe tonight though, once I get home; so the equilibrium will be restored!