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  1. Trying Marteau Master's Reserve for the first time! It is definitely unique. Powerfully spiced even at about a 5:1 dilution. Probably the most wormwood-forward of anything I've tried thus far (though my boyfriend says he still can't pick up anything but anise; it seems like he is weirdly sensitive to anise, though). Very nice!
  2. Yep, same. I don't always want sugar, but I like my water very cold, and the spoons are just so nifty-looking.
  3. La Clandestine, no sugar. First blanche I've tried...lovely! Very fresh-tasting and perfect for a warm summer evening. Was really happy to see they had the 350 mL bottles at my local BevMo, though the sales guy was insufferable when I was buying it ("oh, you want the stuff with the wormwood, right? That'll make you hallucinate!"). *facepalm*
  4. Hey, I tried another absinthe this past weekend! It was...St. George. BevMo near my house had the little 200 mL bottles, so I figured that'd be a good way to try the Weirdest American Absinthe (based on reviews I've read) without committing to a standard-sized container. My verdict? Definitely weird! But definitely drinkable. The mouthfeel was fascinating. The louched color was utterly bizarre...to be perfectly honest, the nearest thing I can compare it to is the infected goo that came out of my elder cat's thigh when she had an abscess (from fighting -- needless to say, she became an indoor kitty after that!). The flavor, however, was quite nice: complex, gardeny, citrusy, and clean. I do rather wish they'd try a variant using green anise as my guess is that'd put the stuff in a whole other class. I could definitely taste the star-anise-ness and it was a tad on the harsh, "tinny" side. Overall, though, it was more enjoyable than I was expecting and came off as quite "well crafted" somehow despite the weird.
  5. Ah yes, the mysterious Lucid Swamp Funk. I have personally never noticed anything like this in my (one and only bottle of) Lucid and am figuring that if it is actually a thing, it is either (a) not something that manifests in every batch, or ( not something my olfactory/gustatory system is capable of detecting (kind of like that bitter note some people get from broccoli where whether you taste it or not is genetically determined). I got my bottle in August 2012 but am not sure when it was distilled. Either way, it makes sense that different prep methods would influence taste/aroma somewhat, so it's cool you've found something that works for you. :D
  6. Having now tried 3 absinthes (Lucid, Ridge Verte, and Pacifique, in that order) I can definitely recommend Ridge as a good counterpoint to Pacifique as far as demonstrating how the same "beverage archetype" can manifest in very unique ways. Moreover...even now that I've tried Pacifique and Ridge, which are highly regarded around here for very good reason, I have to say that I do actually still think Lucid is pretty darn good. Not as complex as either of the other two in my "sampled brands" list but definitely (in my opinion) quite drinkable. And it also doesn't taste exactly like Ridge or Pacifique, but in character it's "closer" somehow to Pacifique, and thus if you really want "still obviously absinthe but different enough to make me go 'whoah!', I'd definitely choose the Ridge.
  7. Very nice point of entry! I think you will be pleased.
  8. My impressions are entirely positive thus far. Pacifique is at once very flavorful and impeccably balanced. The flavor is a fair bit more "blendy" than Ridge (if that makes any sense) but that is not a negative for either beverage, just a difference between them. And I like that different absinthes are, well, different whilst still retaining the essential character of the drink. The mouthfeel is also...not "syrupy", exactly, but there's some weight there that (in my opinion) makes it perfectly appropriate for cooler weather. Hehe, I have become a slow-by-default loucher lately (due to having figured out how to quickly improvise slow-drip bottle spout thingies) so this hasn't been a notable issue yet.
  9. My, how time flies around this time of year. Just figured I'd pop back in to say that Pacifique was an excellent purchase indeed. Even having only tried three brands thus far, I'm amazed at how much variation in character exists between interpretations of the same beverage. Pacifique does seem to have more of the "spice cabinet" thing going on that I was looking for (in seeking a "winter" absinthe), but I could definitely see it working well in summertime too served very cold. Again, thanks for the recommendations, folks.
  10. Hey folks, thanks again for the input...as luck would have it, circumstances conspired today such that I actually ended up obtaining a bottle of Pacifique! Boyfriend and I were visiting a woodworking store in San Carlos, CA, and it occurred to me that we were only a few miles away from K&L Wines in Redwood City, so we stopped in on the way back home to see what they had in stock. I'd never been to a brick-and-mortar K&L before and was impressed at how well stocked they were. They even had vintage stuff dating back to the 1960s (not absinthe, though, mainly wine/port) out in the open, peeling labels and all. It was like a museum of alcohol. Very interesting to poke around in. ....but all that said, as far as their absinthe selection, initially all I saw was La Sorciere (which from what I've read seems to be in the "has potential but needs work" phase of development) and Abyss (which just doesn't sound very good) but then an employee pointed me toward their "main" shelf, which is where I found the Pacifique. They also had St. George (that stuff seems to be ubiquitous around here, and I want to try it sometime, but not yet), Tenneyson, and Vieux Pontarlier. Didn't see any Jade NO but supposedly they do carry it, and that one is definitely on my short list in addition to many others folks have mentioned. Anyway Pacifique seemed like a choice I couldn't possibly go wrong with, especially for that price ($59!) and it being RIGHT THERE with no need for me to pay for shipping, so that's what I got. Haven't tried it yet but shall certainly comment back once I do...got a few days of work-week before the holiday weekend here.
  11. Hahahaha, I wish! Maybe when that long lost rich uncle appears out of nowhere and gives me the check...
  12. Thanks so much to folks who've replied...I think I'm a *bit* closer now to narrowing things down. :D I'm now vacillating between Marteau and Leopold. Definitely planning on trying Pacifique and the DP offerings at some point, as I'm intensely curious about those. But TLM's comment has me inclined to try something grape-based next, given that I could see that being a good basis for a "wintry" absinthe and given that I've tried beet-base and grain-base already at this point. All that said, I'm liking this "circulate a Christmas list" idea, especially given that I don't know if my family/friends have any knowledge beyond the fact that I like absinthe. I've heard some horror stories about well-meaning giftage that has resulted in people receiving stuff the drinking of which can only be described as "taking one for the team". :P [And re. my list of conditions...yeah, I don't see the point of asking for recommendations when you haven't bothered going and doing the research yourself / reading reviews to the extent that you're able to do so. That's just lazy, and people are not mind-readers; hence the specific-ness of the conditions.]
  13. OK, hopefully this isn't bad form to come back and comment in the form of a question within my original intro thread, but... ...I'm now several months into my absinthe-initiation, and am finding it terribly difficult to decide what to try next! I've gone through at least 5 different "okay, I'm going to get THIS one now!"s. This would, of course, be a non-issue if money were no object, but seeing as I'm far from independently wealthy, deciding which bottle of $60-and-up tastiness to procure is an actual thing (as I'm sure it is for most of us...). I've read a ton of reviews, and they've been both fascinating and informative, however, the more I read, the more things I find that sound good, and that doesn't make the decision any easier! But I digress. Basically I was wondering if, given the following criteria, folks might be able to help me narrow down my choices: (1) Must be available in the USA, shippable to (if not buyable in) California, and obtainable without any sort of potential customs-seizure, etc. (2) Preferably something with a very intense/assertive flavor profile that is nonetheless complex. (I like tastes that have "a lot going on at once" or that have definitive and interesting differences between initial flavor and finish, etc.) (3) This probably goes without saying around here, but I definitely want to avoid anything with artificial coloration, and I'd prefer whole distillations to oil mixes (if that's the right terminology...). (4) Must "age well" in the bottle once it's been opened, as I don't tend to drink alcoholic beverages rapidly or in large quantities. I've still only tried Lucid and Ridge Verte up until now, and I do actually still like both, though I've noticed that when I go back to Lucid after tasting Ridge, it (the Lucid) seems comparatively lacking in layers (but still drinkable, at least to me...). The Ridge Verte I like a lot, but I'd definitely like to try something a bit different just to expand my sense of how absinthes can vary yet still fall within traditional criteria. [i should note that to me the Ridge has a very crisp, cool, outdoorsy quality to it; is there anything that might be a good representative of, say, a "warmer" profile? I'm thinking in terms of something that one would want to drink in front of a fireplace on a midwinter day, if that makes any sense at all to anyone.] Oh, and...I should also state that I'm looking at bottle purchase rather than, say, finding a bar where they might have a variety of absinthes to sample. I just don't do the bar thing at all (being a rather extreme introvert who is prone to sensory overload, etc. -- even a normal/regular suburban restaurant on a Saturday is often way too much chaos for my brain). And as for other in-person options, unfortunately I don't know anyone here locally in the South Bay who I could bribe with homemade pie in exchange for them allowing me to sample from their vast absinthe collection. :P So given all that...what would folks recommend, if anything? Any input would be appreciated!
  14. Not sure if there are any other South Bay Area-ites on here, but if so, you might be interested to know that Whole Foods (at least the Cupertino location, which I usually visit) now has Ridge Verte in their "fancy spirits case". What a nice surprise that was to see last week!
  15. Hehe, yours is a familiar introductory tale...I also (this past August) had my interest in absinthe piqued by the Netflix documentary, and subsequently ended up trying Lucid as one of my first types. The only other kind I've had so far is Ridge Verte, which tastes like the outdoors-in-a-bottle and is WAY awesome...but I also still like Lucid, too (it packs a nice straightforward up-front anise/fennel wallop, IMO, which is nice when one is in the mood for that sort of thing). Welcome and enjoy!