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  1. Submitted mine. Can't wait to get my complimentary bottles now
  2. does anyone have an idea as to when L'Ancienne will be available again? and is its release something that's scheduled or at random?
  3. fair enough. i'm glad i asked before trying it.
  4. TRAFFIC LIGHT 2 parts of cranberry juice 1 part of orange juice 1 part of Absinthe Original Pour carefully into a cocktail glass half filled with ice. Has anyone tried this before?
  5. yea i'm happy that it was as quick as it was. i'm currently in mass so i guess it helps being close to the coast.
  6. just got my order in from absinthes.com. it was just a bottle of 1901. it took a little over a week to get here, which is fine. my only complaint was that it was packaged upside down.
  7. i saw someone say that LDF orders arrive considerably faster, i wonder what shipping company they use as opposed to DHL.
  8. thanks for the link and the feedback, much appreciated.
  9. My name is David and I'm a newbie to both this site and absinthe in general. I found this site when looking for information/reviews and decided it would be good to join seeing as absinthe is quickly becoming a passion of mine. I started out with a bottle of Lucid a few weeks ago, then a bottle of La Clandestine, and yesterday I ordered a bottle of Jade PF 1901. Eventually I'd like to purchase some pre-ban absinthe as well, so if anyone has experience with ordering those I would greatly appreciate some input. Also, I feel like a walking infomercial for absinthe since I started drinking it. every time I mention it to someone it seems like I end up getting into a full blown absinthe lesson trying to dismiss all the ridiculous myths that are attached to it Luscious Oily Lesbians!. So there's my intro, thanks for having me and I look forward to posting here.
  10. I'm about to place an order with Absinthes.com, I was curious if anyone here had any opinion on them. Also if there are other/better sites to use to order European absinthe.