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  1. Nice to meet you Coralyn. I'm also a newbie.
  2. Hi Todd! That was excellent cell phone typing!
  3. You all are eleven times cooler than everyone in other internet forums. So far, no one has pointed out shit I've done wrong, started a sentence with the word "actually" or engaged in other tool-like behaviors. Thanks for all of the nice welcomes! Brian, I will give you a jangle (pm) if I'm up your way. And if you are a lurker, come into the light. Chatting is so much better than reading.
  4. Thanks! Sounds like a plan, I'll let you know when I'm up your way.
  5. Sweet, I did it! I don't look green enough, though. I'm going back to photoshop some more Toulouse Lautrec green on my skin.
  6. Which fancy pants bar did I visit in NYC? Little Branch. It's at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Leroy Street. You’ll see a single red metal door with no sign: If things get crowded they'll post a bouncer outside. Once inside, you’ll go down a long, steep stairway to a basement, so arrive sober. Cash only, $15 drinks. Totally worth it. The bartender special is: you explain your favorite drink, then the bartender creates something different, but sure to be your next favorite.
  7. Thanks, Derrick, and OMG_Bill! Now I have my first newbie question. Why is my avatar not showing? I uploaded a picture, which is showing on my profile. Do I need to upload a separate picture for my avatar? If so, I don't see where to do so. Maybe the size is too big, or do I need to make a required amount of posts before I get an avatar?
  8. Hi Ya’ll! I’m Ava, new to absinthe, new to the forum. I had my first absinthe a couple years back at a posh underground bar in New York City. To my surprise, it did not kill me or make me go mad. When I returned home I never sought out absinthe for my home bar. I assumed that I could not buy “real” absinthe in Virginia, just like I can’t buy real moonshine at the ABC stores. I came across the Wormwood Society whilst researching sources to buy a bottle of good absinthe. I'm now ready to take the plunge and buy a top shelf bottle, along with a really cool spoon. If you care to learn more about me, please read on…bullet points might be nice, lets see if I can insert them properly: I’m a: Housewife and live near Richmond, Virginia An owner/wrangler of three dogs: a greyhound, Chihuahua and a Chihuahua-wienie dog mutt… notice that I didn’t say “Mom” to three dogs, because that always sounds creepy Foodie and spend too much time at farmers markets Traveler, whenever I get a chance Knitter, can often be found on Ravelry Have developed an unfortunate intolerance to wine over the past few years, so cocktails are more important than ever