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  1. Too bad the fire didn't last long enought for natural selection to take place.
  2. Yes, it is reasonable that higher alcohol content could mean additional costs. It may not be a guarantee of quality. Keep in mind the more alcohol, the more tax is paid also.
  3. Absinthe is an aperitif. You're not supposed to drink it with your meal. A nice Chianti would be better for spaghetti.
  4. Fantome is bulk purchased Gert Strand essence rebottled. It is not even close to the quality of flavor that you would get from La Fee. And La Fee doesn't have much quality to begin with.
  5. That would mean the FDA would have to have its act together. Not much chance of that happening. As far as thujone is concerned, they are buying into 19th Century alarmist "research."
  6. Gin and tonics tonight. The gin is of a dubious parentage, but overall quite likeable.
  7. What the hell are you talking about?
  8. I'll point and laugh. I am worse than that. Go ahead and lump me in with the "good ol' boys." If the pictures on his site are any representative of what he's making, then anyone who shells out $20 is getting hosed. Even Un Emile has a better louche. The information is out there for free. Right here, at FV, and Oxy's. IMHO, he's no better than the shills on Ebay hawking "herb kit absinth." I will give him this though, much of the other information on the rest of the site is pretty good and is to be commended. He gets it wrong in a few areas, but on the whole it is OK.
  9. The funny thing about this is that Stromu (and 99% of everything called "absinth" out of the Czech Republic) is NOT absinthe. It is a vile nasty alcoholic concoction not worthy of being linked to what is traditionally known as absinthe.
  10. No, the real problem is that this stupid woman needs to stop stealing and drinking Czechsinthe from travelers clearing through her line in Customs. Or at least only steal the good stuff coming through.
  11. The plant is doing what is is supposed to do. No worry.
  12. NOT absinthium. I have no idea what it is. I don't even know if it's in the same genus.