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  1. Well crap....I searched like crazy for posts about it and didnt see any.
  2. Mysteries at the museum. Season 4 episode 12. Originally aired 3/7/13 is on travel channel right now. Featuring Ted Breaux. He does a great job making the drink exciting while at the same time telling the truth. Possibly the best, most realistic and honest take on the subject of absinthe I have seen on tv. Theres still some sensationalism but Ted brings it all home at the end. Very good exposure I think.anyone else seen ths?
  3. I was just flipping channels and caught the tail end of the How Its Made episode featuring Absinthe. Its on right now but about to go off. However, its airing again tonight @ 2:30 AM on the Science Channel so set your DVRs. Mine is set so hopefully the ice wont knock my power out tonight......
  4. Yeah i liked the "can I sniff it...." line. I almost blew beer out my nose.
  5. If A.a. doesn't like high iron content then yes...it may not do well here. I'm in the Piedmont region of GA so our soil's iron content percentage may only be bested by our humidity My soil isn't as bad as some I've seen but its Ga red clay nonetheless. I think the bigger problem I have is my soil's VERY poor drainage. The slightest rain shower will create puddles and a long lasting storm will cause the ground to be squishy for days. This is why we've resorted to raised beds and pots for most things. While most weeds such as Clover, Dandelion and Thistle seem to loooooove my back yard, I have a feeling A.a. may be the one weed that I want to grow in my back yard that may not thrive -the rest love torturing me. All that being said, some things grow pretty well here so It should be an interesting experiment at least.
  6. Ran across this today. Pretty old video that Im sure has been posted before but I did not see mention of it so thought Id share. Worthy of re watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb_I5Bi7DVQ
  7. Amazon has it as well: http://www.amazon.com/Strings-Absinthe-Buckles-Lever-Locks/dp/B00E5NGUJ8
  8. Ha ha, that sounds pretty easy but never underestimate my ability to screw up the simple things. Actually, it may be better to try seeds as i have the worst soil and will probably end up building a raised bed or growing everything in large pots. Damn Georgia clay. Seeds would let me get them started indoors until it warms up etc. .
  9. Lemon balm has never been hard for me to find around here. Fennel and Hyssop I can probably get fairly easily at another local nursery- heck, my local Lowes may even carry them in the spring. They usually have a unexpectedly good selection. My issues will definitely be the Absinthium, Anise and of course the elusive Artemisia Pontica which I may already have a lead for.... ​ . I have to agree on the mint. I eventually had to kill off some Chocolate Mint because it was taking over and choking everything out. It grew underneath a concrete paver stone border lining my driveway and continued to follow along the seam between those two concrete surfaces , into my back yard, etc. Smelled great under the mower though! Like mowing Andes Mints.
  10. I took notice of that spoon as well. I like it.
  11. Gwydion, you sir are my hero. Thank you SO much! Your first two pictures above illustrate the problem I've been running into with the pictures on Google: there is no scale reference so the leaves look almost exactly the same. Now, the third pic you posted of the powis castle from a little farther away definitely shows the leaves looking more "spindly and fern-like" compared to the absinthium. Your last post makes it quite clear that the absinthium leaves are much more robust in size compared to the powis castle. Its similar to the difference between a Maple leaf and a Sweet Gum, for the lack of a better analogy. Thank you again for taking the time to do that, it is very helpful. Baubel thank you for your observations as well. If I find some established plants in the wild or a nursery Ill know to look for a smaller,lower growing and bushier plant. That is also VERY helpful! Now, if I can only find some A.a. (and the other herbs) locally. THAT is going to be the next challenge. We used to have the best nursery down the road. They had the best herb collection around. They closed recently, sadly :( I can always buy seeds but I have much better luck with plants.
  12. I'm wanting to start a garden growing some of the Absinthe herbs. I been searching the forum and had ran across some old posts regarding the similarities between Artemisia absinthium and "powis castle". Some stated that they thought they had A.a. but it turned out to be powis. Thus, I want to make sure I can tell the difference if I find some locally, wild or otherwise. I've tried Google images but some that are labeled A. a. may actually be powis castle and vice versa - i cant tell. One of the older posts had pictures posted at one time showing the different species but the pics are no longer showing up in the post. If someone that knowingly has A.a. would be willing to post a pic comparing the two or can describe what to look for to differentiate between them I would be in your debt. ​
  13. This happened to me earlier today. No kidding. The only problem was that it smelled like Absente. Which is all i have tried thus far, so i wont say i enjoyed the experience.
  14. Bad choice of words on my part by saying "top shelf". Doing so implied that Absente is by proxy a "bottom shelf" Absinthe, which it clearly is not. Saying top shelf was my way of saying "Real Absinthe of much better quality than the fake stuff". Moving on....I have to agree with you on the classification. It does beg the question whether this brand should be considered a faux absinthe or an absinthe substitute.I say Faux. Maybe Ill start a new topic on this since I'm going outside the scope of an introductory post. I'm glad I've finally gotten active on this forum. I'm enjoying it so far.
  15. Thank you kind sir. "Nice" is the key word here. Its still swill, ha ha.