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  1. I do find it to be a more mellow drink. Light and refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed the bottle I had.
  2. Man, Song, you're all over Arlo lately, huh? Love it. Trying some 1901 and watching this Safety Not Guaranteed which is quite enjoyable.
  3. And here I thought absinthe drinkers were immoral sycophants...
  4. Doubs with a little Flogging Molly acoustic in anticipation of this election FINALLY being over. I cannot handle another minute.
  5. Hey folks, Sports Illustrated is doing a cool story on high school underdogs and one of my students is featured. Noor is an incredible kid that I have had the honor of teaching and knowing for 3 years. I can not fit enough superlatives to rightfully describe him. If you could click on the BIG RED "VOTE" button right below or at the top of this page after viewing his story and vote for Noor by clicking on Adams City, it would be great. Winners and their entire team get a trip to New York and a $25K grant. I would especially love if all you active social networkers out there would throw it up on your network of choice. Muchas gracias. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/specials/underdogs/episode-10.html
  6. Avarice by River North Brewing. Good...not great.
  7. Description on BA sounds amazing. I would like to try all Surly offerings.
  8. If you are in Minnesota or Wisconsin and have access to Surly brews I would love to have some sent out to Colorado. Furious has been on my mind for a couple years and I can't shake it. I could reciprocate with any number of Colorado brews.
  9. Sweet jeebus. I wonder if Amazon has them in stock and whether or not it qualifies for "Free Super Saver" shipping?
  10. The people who recommended a twin prong and t-corks are my heroes. I took that advice to heart. Cheers to you.
  11. Jade NO and a little Kafka. Nothing seems as appropriate on a presidential debate night. God bless you, Franz. You died far too young.