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  1. I take back my comment on this absinthe. I guess you just have to be more careful with a bitter on how you mix it. Drinking another glass this morning. This time just 1 ounce instead of 1.5 absinthe. Also more like a ratio of 4:1 instead of 3:1. and about 1 hour before i made this glass I made a batch of simple syrup 2 parts sugar 1 part water, boil. let stand. then bottle. I used some in this glass. Wow. big difference in taste. Went from reminding me of a rubber boot to a smooth but spicy taste. No harshness anymore. Really great!
  2. **I have to stop posting this stuff at work. I am to bored and these get to long** IT ARRIVED! Saturday at 2pm. The USPS guy called my cell phone to wake me up per my note on the door. He wouldnt take the $10 tip though. For the heck of it I checked the tracking number, box in hand. Still showing in Miami. So I guess now I know. German mail Great. US mail. not so great. Sadly I had to go back to sleep. just to wake up and head to work 2 hours later. I figure my next day off is Aug 10th. I will try one in 6 days. Well......... That didnt last long. Monday morning, off shift sitting home at 8am, didnt have to be asleep till noon. hmm 4 hours.. I figured the Nouvelle Vague i could try first. Bigger bottle. WOW! so now I know why people call Lucid a beginner absinthe. Honestly Mansinthe and Lucid almost taste the same to me. I always imagined absinthe very strong and almost harsh. I was shocked Lucid tasted like liquid candy and went down so easy. Nouvelle Vague however. Geez!! That stuff tastes like I would expect absinthe to taste like. First I was kinda taken back by the color. Im used to seeing a dingy translucent green. This stuff is like a bright greenish blue. Like mouthwash. I measured out 1.5 ounces as I wasnt sure where that would come to on the new absinthe glasses I got. It came way above the bubble. And apparently according to the bottle you should use only 1oz. For some reason it didnt louche till I was almost done pouring. Then the taste.. ugh.. I couldnt review a absinthe like the experts . But honestly the best way to describe it was like a rubber boot. a very very different experience. I actually looked up the review here. Maybe its the citrus im tasting as described , or maybe for the fact this is what it means when it says "bitter spiritus" on the bottle. Needless to say. WIth every sip it got better and better. And I now know what people mean by a lucid drunk. Mansinthe and Lucid just seemed like plain alcohol. Im a light weight apparently. Just one glass of this and I was sprawled out on my couch watching TV. limbs feeling to heavy to move. But I remember thinking to myself. HAve I blinked my eyes once in the last 20 min? My eyes felt wide open, like either my eye lids were surgically removed or they were being held open with eye speculum clamps you would see in a horror movie (Clockwork Orange) or if you were getting lasik eye surgery. Mentally I felt wired, physically i didnt want to move. Once the alertness faded I passed right out and slept like a baby. all and all... Love it!!! definitely an acquired taste. Friday I plan on trying Brevans H.R. Giger Absinthe. I assume the taste will be similar as that is labeled as Bitter too. EDIT: I forgot to order Sirop de Gomme from absinthe.de. as I read you should add some to this adsinthe. What can I buy from my local liquor store that would accomplish the same thing?
  3. Joe: Well I wish they wouldnt. I was just telling Grey in a PM message, I havent had one good nights sleep since Monday. I sleep during the day and work nights.. So I posted a note on my door telling the USPS guy if he takes the time to call my cell phone to wake me up and sign for the package there is a $10 tip for him. Ive been sleeping so lightly these last few days if i hear a vehicle out side my house I perk up.. Expecting a knock on my door. Once the excitement of this first order is over it wont be a big deal. But you know. Its like christmas. waiting and waiting for Santa. Who would of thought at this age Id be waiting for the Green Fairy.
  4. Greg I agree. I havent mentioned it to the gf yet. Because she will just shake her head. I recently saw a video of it being distilled from a post on this site. Would def love to see it being done in person. JOE: The excitement of my first over seas shipment has turned into worry. I tracked it just fine through Germany. It hit Miami Florida at 9:55am Sunday. It then came "OUT" of US Customs at 10:55am Sunday. I thought great. I should have it tuesday. Miami is only 4 hours away. Well coming out of customs at 10:55am Sunday was where my package stopped. Its now Thursday 11:30pm. No package. And it hasnt been scanned a single time in 4 days as having gone anywhere. It shouldnt take 4 days to go 4 hours. There are some drunk custom agents somewhere in miami right now.
  5. Thanks for the post. I love that fountain in the beginning. Saw it online before. I think around 899eur. There goes a mortgage payment. Actually that probably comes out closer to $1200
  6. I probably use this site half on phone half on pc. Not sure if it shows up as mobile traffic though. I use dolphin and browse in desktop mode, not android mode.
  7. I think there was a misunderstanding. Im not buying over seas because I think its "more" real then US sold. Besides isnt most of the US sold stuff from Europe anyway? I already have 3 US Sold brands. For me its that little something special when that bottle arrives. Knowing I've spend months (on and off) checking websites, and recently day after day reading, all to make a sound first purchase. Then finally picking some choice bottles, placing the order, and waiting weeks for it to arrive. Then finally opening a bottle straight for a store in Germany that made a long trip to my front door. Now come on guys.. Dont you think that adds a little something? Instead of running a mile down the road to buy a bottle and done. Pere Ubu and Ron : Ah dont shake your heads at that.. If you really wanted to shake your heads at something, it should be on how i've been choosing the brands I've bought so far. But i wont post that info for fear some of you will show up with torches and pitch forks "Ordering overseas is great and I do it often, but I do recommend you forget about the thujone content and give some US-made and US-available brands a try too." Thank you Crow.. now that ive gotten my first EUR order out of my system it will be awhile before i do this again. So definitely having some new US brands to try is a plus.
  8. Grey: I live in a city called Altamonte Springs. Basically its Orlando. Joe: I thought I was losing my mind. Very true. Lesbians are great. ITS DONE! Well it only took me weeks of searching, and the last 3 hours at work reading, but... Finally placed my first order from Germany just minutes ago. I was going to go with absintheonline But after checking out all the websites on the vendor list here I liked the bigger selection at absinthe.de I trust this forum but looked up other reviews else where of absinthe.de and felt very confident with placing a order from them. Also it seems i got more bang for the buck. Instead of ordering just a bottle of H.R Giger I ordered Absinthe Brevans H.R Giger set. Comes with 2 glasses (which I could use), 2 spoons, and a poster from the art work on the bottle. Nice bonus. I also ordered Nouvelle Vague. Both seem to have gotten very high ratings here. Another bonus, for free I could pick a item. Spoon or Brouilleur streamline. I figure i will now have 4 spoons so I went with the streamline. I cant imagine me ever using water first and then adding absinthe. But what the heck. I only pray these make it to my house. And in one piece.
  9. "Welcome! Buying from overseas vendors is fine, but to begin with why not buy from a US vendor like DrinkUpNewYork or Catskill Cellars?" I mention this in my excessive introduction. But no worries I was bored. It helped pass time, I dont expect anyone to actually read it. But I mention the reason I was looking for a legitimate over seas vendor was to have something that not anyone can just go down to your local liquor store to buy. Something "unique". I've been looking at http://www.absintheonline.com. 3rd on the vendor list. Two caught my attention Absinthe Nouvelle Vague and Absinthe Brevans H.R Giger Im about to check on here for reviews of them "The only real absinthe you have is Lucid." Isnt Mansinthe real absinthe? I guess I saw it won a gold medal and just assumed it wouldnt have otherwise. Unless they added sugar in there and thats why you're saying its not real. "You figure incorrectly. Thujone is meaningless. In the amount it would take to affect you, it would kill you first" Hmm... My exp with absinthe is new. Ive only finished half a bottle of Lucid and half of Mansinthe. So maybe its lack of experience with it, or the fact that i never used to drink at all (for the most part). So I honestly cant say I remember what drunk feels like to compare it to. I guess if I really wanted to know I should just try drinking a liquor instead of trying absinthe with higher thujone. Since thats pointless. Thanks for all the welcomes too.. I better not tell the gf im on this site. She already said I have an addiction. I call it a passion though. Its all in the wording What the heck is going on with this site? In my very first post after i clicked post I saw this randomly put in there "Luscious Oily Lesbians!." just tossed in a sentence. This time I clicked preview and it did it again. Right in my first sentence it randomly tossed in "Luscious Oily Lesbians!." Its not in the edit box but its showing up in the preview... I swear Im not drinking right now. Im actually at work. Im going to post this and see if it still shows up Yep it showed up. I had to click edit to get it to appear in the edit box so I could remove it. What the heck?
  10. Ah thank you Finger.. I saw that page yesterday apparently. Thats where I must of seen the comment that I mention in my extremely long post no one is ever going to read "If your purchase was based on claims of high thujone, you didn't get what you thought you were buying." But yesterday i was browsing from my phone. Much easier tonight since I'm on my laptop. And apparently there are Europe vendors. So great. Off to a better start. Thank you
  11. Hey everyone. Anthony from Florida here. Jersey born. New to Absinthe. My history behind it... Probably a long read... But If Anyone wanted to skip my journey and maybe just help with a question or two. I will put the questions on the very bottom separated by ******** Here we go: Saw it in movies in early 2000 and was fascinated. Found out what it was and that it cant even be bought in the US.. Many years later out of no where I got the urge to try it again. Randomly walked into a liquor store. Asked if he heard of this drink in Europe Absinthe. and if it ever became legal in the US. At the time still knowing nothing about it. He said.. "yes we sell a knock off of it over there" he pointed to a bottle called grande absente. I said knock off? He replied "yes its missing the main ingredient, so its not really absinthe" I bought it anyway because I thought it would look cool in this dragon statue I have thats meant to hold wine bottles. And there is sat for the last 2 years.. All this time I still wanted the real thing. A couple months ago I started checking over seas for it. But a lot of the sites didnt look legitimate. Like some stuff called devils absinthe (something like that) that has a devil horned beetle in the bottle claiming 35mg thujone. $210 a bottle.. hmmm... Every bottle on that site had one 5 star review... hmmm.. fake... Then I watched a documentary on absinthe. How it started where it came from. At the end they were talking about ted breaux and how he made one of the first American sold absinthe called Lucid. Im like "wait a min!" What did he say... American sold??? And did he say "Lucid".. why do I know that name? Then they showed a bottle. WHAT!!! Ive seen that bottle in the liquor store many times. I passed by it and thought. wow what a cool looking bottle. Black with yellow eyes really stood out. I always saw the name Lucid on it but never read any more then that. So wait a min? You mean Ive been searching all this time for absinthe and I could of just drove 1 mile down the road to buy it? hala lu ya!!!!!!!!!! Went out the next day and got a bottle. Love at first sip!!! I thought I would hate it. Seeing as how I hate hard liquor and dont even drink beer. But wow!! I was hooked. Then getting off shift one morning I was thinking to myself.. Why did that bottle of Grande Absinte come with a spoon? If its not real absinthe it shouldnt louche. (although now i believe the louche comes from anise if im not mistaken, so even knock off absinthe would louche). So I get home and check the label of the bottle that ive been looking at for the last 2 years in my kitchen and.............. YEP!! grande wormwood.. Right on the damn label.. Are you freakin kidding me!! Ive had a real bottle of absinthe in my own home for 2 years and didnt even know it. I assumed the guy at the liquor store knew what he was talking about. And I knew nothing about it at the time. Thats actually how I found this site. I googled it and found a review on it. I still havent actually tried it. But loving Lucid I wanted more. I heard about Mansinthe. I almost didnt buy it based on the name. I just hate the name for some reason. But when i saw the label on the bottle I wanted it. When I read it won an award and scored a 90 out of a 100 I sought it out. A place just 12 miles from me sells it. Bought it. And Love it. The problem is I have no idea what im tasting. Whats wormwood taste like, or anise or fennel? I see some come with no anise. So I want to try those to see the difference. I also hear people say there is a push pull effect with the herbs, or a "lucid drunk". I dont even know what I'm feeling. So next on my list was to try a absinthe with a higher thujone content. Sure i've been drunk when i was younger, but I cant tell much of a difference with absinthe. I figure if I try a absinthe with higher thujone I know what the effects of wormwood is compared to the alcohol. And it would be easier to tell when drinking something like lucid. Sooooo... Back to over seas shopping. I came across a website called Alandia. This site looked legit. A ton of absinthe's to pick from. Dozens of reviews on each. And apparently just what I was looking for.. They say they are allowed to sell high content thujone absinthe if they call it bitter. There is a section there called strong absinthe. apparently these are supposed to have high thujone content. However...... Mansinthe is on that list. That cant have a high thujone content if its sold in the US. It has to be under 10mg. So it makes me wonder about Strong68 claiming 33 or 35mg... shipping is going to cost at least $50. So i figured order two bottles of something. I settled on Strong68 because of the mostly good reviews on their site, and Gothica. Just because its different. Although I dont imagine Id be able to even drink Gothica seeing as how i hate hard liquor. It got 5 star reviews but even those said it tastes like licking a fairies scrotum. They claim 6 to 8 days to ship.. This was another bonus. I figure wow that seems pretty fast. If it doesnt show up I can dispute the charge and Im not at a loss. I remembered this site.. and checked here before i placed a order. I read and read. Untill I came across something here saying.... If you buy something claiming to have 30+mg of thujone you arent getting what you think you paid for. Alandia can say what they want to make a sale. But here no one is making money. So I figure this is a better source. Now im thinking Strong68 would of been a rip off.. I also dont see Alandia on your vendor list. So Im thinking anything claiming to have high thujone is a rip off. But I checked out Suisse Verte on here and the reviews say its great. On Alandia it has great reviews. So I'm slightly thrown now.. Also I think ordering something like Strong68 or Suisse Verte has a slight forbidden appeal. Since you cant just go to your local liquor store to buy it. And technically if its really high thujone it wouldnt even be approved in the US. Although in Europe I guess 10mg is the max anyway unless they call it a bitter. Then its max can be 35mg. If my info is correct. Which I doubt.. ******************************************** QUESTIONS: So I already know where to find absinthe without anise to see the difference in the taste of licorice. But whats a decent sight to buy a good absinthe I cant get in the US? And is it really a rip off to buy a absinthe claiming high thujone? You guys rate Suisse Verte pretty well. I have seen the vendor list so actually i guess part of that question is already answered. Not sure if there are any over seas vendors though. Guess i will click on them all.. I came across a thread here with someone saying Alandia was shipping them Suisse Verte but its been 3 weeks and it never showed up. the thread just ended though. I never found out the out come. So in the opinion of everyone here.... Shop at Alandia? or stay away? well... off to browse this site..