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  1. There's no real reason FSF would have latched onto absinthe. I don't think he spent significant time in Spain like Hemingway did.
  2. If you're looking for another way to get rid of the Pernod you could pick up a small bottle of Asti and make a few low rent Death in the Afternoons. I did this to get rid of a bottle of Grande Absente that lingered for years. I can't honestly say it was that good but it was better than the Grande by itself.
  3. Thanks for opening up Daniel. I'm sure everyone here wishes you luck on your journey and hopes you can continue to find a way to balance spiritual happiness and absinthe together. :D
  4. Well, so far so good for my record on Kübler. I'll keep hoping to avoid "tails roulette". And FYI I don't take anyone's opinions personally. I do like discussions such as this, too, where the views are forceful but still pretty respectful. It would be a pretty boring place if we all agreed on everything.
  5. Still trying to wrap my head around someone being considered an expert in a food or beverage while not ever consuming the thing they are supposed to be an expert in.
  6. I think I made the mistake of trying jade no too soon. I liked it but I'm not sure I appreciated it... I think I needed some broader experience.
  7. Oh yes. Having had to struggle through some cheap Absente in VA on vacation I can attest to that.
  8. Well sure, for someone who's been around for as long as you have in the world of absinthe it only makes sense that your palate is going to be a lot more discerning now. You and Gwydion and some of the long timers here will probably forget more about this stuff than many of us will learn. So it's good to hear that you are still open to some of the basics even if they don't get much personal use these days.
  9. I'd say that the job for vets around here vis a vis newcomers is to tell them what brands are NOT absinthe but masquerade as it. Then to tell them the brands that use artificial coloring, include sugar and generally take shortcuts. After that it should only be a matter of taste. There's no reason in the world to turn people off of the decent brands that are available at their local store. Sure, order online and get great stuff there if it isn't offered at your local store. But there's no reason at all to feel ashamed of picking up a bottle of Lucid or Kübler on the way home from work and enjoying it in the evening if you like the taste. It would really be sad if someone thought they shouldn't enjoy something because some people online didn't like it or had sort of graduated away from it.
  10. N Sometimes before you try the high end brands like the Ridges, Jades and Marteaus you need some good base brand experience. Otherwise how can you measure the high end ones? There is nothing wrong with the Lucids and Kublers of the world. Moreso if you continue to enjoy them even after trying the really, really good stuff.By the way, Astor is good but drinkupny and Catskill cellars are also really great vendors too. I have had great experience with Absinthes.com for the stuff you can't get in the USA. They do sell some Czech crap, so just know what you are ordering.
  11. I know Kübler gets a bit of a bad rap around here but I never had a problem with it. I think it's refreshing and mild and a good solid summer absinthe. Are there better? Of course. But I wouldn't let anyone deter you from trying it or liking it.