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  1. Got the fountain going and louching up some Jade Nouvelle Orléans. Wishing a Blessed Samhain...or Happy Halloween if you're a heathen!
  2. Nice, thanks for the review and heads up!
  3. Plum Pudding in a Radice Silk Cut Aero Reverse Calabash. Happy Memorial Day!
  4. Hit me up some time, man. 



    1. Cajun Magic

      Cajun Magic

      Will do, thanks for reaching out. :cheers:

  5. Dax Riggs- Tomorrow We Jump Johnny Cash- Rusty Cage Staind-So Far Away Swedish House Mafia- Don't you Worry Child NMH-In The Aeroplane Over The Sea oOoOO-Hustlin'
  6. Welcome back, better late than never.
  7. A very belated, Welcome back!
  8. Glad to see a familiar hued manatee! Don't be a stranger, it's getting lonely and too quiet here!
  9. Finishing off the Grön Opal. My only complaint is the diminutive size of the bottle. I see what the fuss is about here and will definitely check out to the blanche offering Vit Opal out.
  10. Ramon Allones Club Allones (Edición Limitada 2015), Happy New Year!