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  1. W.L. Weller Special Reserve (Pre-Sazarac Co. Aquisition bottling). Quite a nice dram.
  2. Sancho Panza with Bayou Select Rum.
  3. Just fixed up a Martini. Hope everyone is doing fine in these crazy times, ah the ride never ends.
  4. Green Spot. Happy to be back home. Happy St. Patrick's Day.
  5. Fixed up an Aviation. Also yes the ratio is 1:1 Patient Explorer.
  6. Just finished off a bottle of Knappogue Castle 12 Y.o. Single Malt Irish Whiskey (178 of 216 bottles). Now enjoying a Tremblement De Terre made with Pierre Ferrand Reserve and Toulouse Green. Life is good absinthe fam.
  7. CAO Consigliere (Soldier) paired with Pierre Ferrand Reserve.