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  1. Nice, thanks for the review and heads up!
  2. Plum Pudding in a Radice Silk Cut Aero Reverse Calabash. Happy Memorial Day!
  3. Hit me up some time, man. 



    1. Cajun Magic

      Cajun Magic

      Will do, thanks for reaching out. :cheers:

  4. Dax Riggs- Tomorrow We Jump Johnny Cash- Rusty Cage Staind-So Far Away Swedish House Mafia- Don't you Worry Child NMH-In The Aeroplane Over The Sea oOoOO-Hustlin'
  5. Welcome back, better late than never.
  6. A very belated, Welcome back!
  7. Glad to see a familiar hued manatee! Don't be a stranger, it's getting lonely and too quiet here!
  8. Finishing off the Grön Opal. My only complaint is the diminutive size of the bottle. I see what the fuss is about here and will definitely check out to the blanche offering Vit Opal out.
  9. Ramon Allones Club Allones (Edición Limitada 2015), Happy New Year!
  10. Jade Terminus...absolutely freakin phenomenal! (November 2019 Bottling)
  11. Well tonight it's a Mauresque (made with Pastis Combier and Lattitude 29 Orgeat) and Amelie.