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  1. Same. No need to apologize. That's exactly why I put it there. Thank you all for the welcoming words. So nice. I plan to put some more time in to the reading, thanks Brian for doing all the footwork on the subject. Wonderful! The oddity of friendships I have discovered in places one would never expect has led me to deep friendships across the globe. Isn't it good that the world is so much smaller than it was. Mediterranean palate....hmmm....???? -no tummy aches-I'm good with that as an effect seldom seen from strong liquor.
  2. What the! Damned auto correct!
  3. So many choices, it was truly mind boggling because there's so much info and therefore, so much misinformation out there. I was glad to find this site and spent a good long time here educating myself and choosing a vintage that would please my palate. Not much about anise after a serious mishap in Greece with some Ouzo many long years ago. Took me years before I could eat Good-n-Plenty again...!. And yet, it is an integral part of the trinity and to be without it would not be Absinthe. Blended I am hopeful it'll all be great....yes, for sure. Thanks for the "hellos", all. Secondary effects or not, it simply sounds superb.
  4. Hello! I will be the first to admit I am a complete neophyte to the world of absinthe and to be perfectly honest I knew nothing about the mystique of the Green Fairy until a month ago. Shame on me! Being a lover of art, literature, music and all things fine I have no idea how it has, to this extent and for 49 years escaped my notice. I hide my head in shame and were it not for some degree of anonymity I would dare not admit such an oversight. I am delighted at the opportunity to finally learn to "dance". It is my deep desire to get off on the right foot and not have my toes stepped on by tasting shameful poor excuses for the real thing and truly desire the overall experience, not only in effect of what I have read claims to be a rather clear headedness despite being liquor (which is beyond intriguing) but overall wonder in taste, aroma color and texture of this treat. For my very first bottle, after careful deliberation I have decided on Roquette 1797 which I believe is a very fine choice. Sadly not in stock anywhere I can locate at the moment but it will be well worth the wait and gives me time to properly equip myself with the necessary accessories that will make this such a treat. A belated birthday gift I await with baded breath!