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  1. Hey! You are much knowledgable then me. I have years behind to learn about absinthe. We all make mistakes, and I've already read some of your posts and have learnt a lot of what you've written. Keep doing what you do and drink up!!!
  2. From the Kübler website, it mentions that there is star anise but if green anise smells like star anise then it's quite possible that it was probably the green anise that has a more potent aroma http://kublerabsinthe.com/product_info.aspx
  3. You were right about this. I tried it last night and there was no louche whatsoever. My question is this, would a real absinthe bottle although at 80% ABV have a different louche than that of a bottle with say around 55% - 65% ABV?
  4. Woot! Woot! Had my first absinthe yesterday night. It was a treat after a long day. After receiving my package from Absinthe Devil, I immediately opened the Kübler Absinthe and enjoyed the ritual known to absintheurs. I was not certain what to expect in terms of smell and taste. The smell of the star anise definitely hit hard but there was also a complexity that I was unfamiliar with. The louching made me giggle as I felt like I was a kid again awed at the gimmicks in the science museum. My first glass was almost 5:1. This really brought the scent down and also tasted too diluted. My next glass was around 3:1 which allowed me to get a stronger sense of the essentials from the absinthe. After my third glass, I was buzzing but it was a normal alcoholic buzz not different from having wine. I had read about the "lucid buzz" that absinthes offers and had come to expect it. I assumed that 3 glasses would be enough to open the window to this lucid world but to my upset it was just the common buzz. Were my sources false? Is there even such thing? Am I just another target of the myth that surrounds absinthe? Or could have Kübler altered their ingredients in order to fit to strict Canadian government regulations therefore nearly eliminating that "buzz"? However, these questions does not take away the art and beauty behind absinthe which I have come to be absorbed by. There is still a lot of learning AND drinking for an amateur like myself.
  5. Since I've discovered WS, it has been helpful in many ways in understanding absinthe. I have also become interested in wine and sake. I've passingly searched for a forum that works about the same way as WS for wines and sake but to no avail. Are there any forums that you guys know of out there?
  6. Wow! It's amazing how 0.1% of oil can be responsible for such an effect. I've never had a natural interest in science but the science behind this is too intriguing to be passed on just as a visual miracle. Thank you for the simplification and articles!
  7. I'm naive when it comes to science, however something about the louche effect intrigues me. I went on my own to read about the scientific observation and explanation on wikipedia and I'm going to be honest, I still don't get it. It's perhaps the terminologies that are throwing me off. In the simplest manner possible, how would you describe what is going on during the louche? I'm hoping the simple break down of what is going on will help me to better decipher what is described on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ouzo_effect Cheers.
  8. Greetings from one Canadian to another
  9. Thank you all. I appreciate the replies. The scope of knowledge here is pulling my passive curiousity in deeper (the obsession has begun to rise ). I just purchased two Absinthe Glass and Spoon set and a Wormwood Carafes from www.absinthedevil.com. I'm hoping this purchase is set to last for the rest of my absinthe journey....who am I kidding, there are some beautiful glasses and fountains that shall be in my possession someday. As for the absinthe from Amsterdam, I'm just a little tiny bit embarrased . After some search, I was able to find a spot nearby where I can pick up a bottle of Kübler Absinthe. There is also the option of getting Vieux Pontarlier and La Clandestine but they are over my budget at this time but either of those will definitely be my next pick up. What are your opinion on these? After having tried what is sold here locally, it will be time to step up the game with online ordering or speeding pass the American border right through customs with a worthy bottle of absinthe. Hell yeah! Can't wait. Will keep you guys posted. Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I am new to the world of absinthe and have searched far and wide in the depths of the internet to solve a few questions I have. This forum is a sigh of relief after hitting into one dead end after the other. On my trip to Amsterdam two weeks ago, I walked into a shop selling Absinthe. I told the sales lady that I have never had absinthe and wanted to know what she would suggest. She pointed out to three bottles which varied in alcohol volume; 70% (Jacques Senaux), 80% (King of Absinthe) and 92% proof (Yellowish liquid with bugs in the bottle). Like goldilocks, I chose the bottle that wasn't weak nor strong but "just right." Coming back to Canada, I was curious to know more about the bottle I purchase. I read more and more about thujone, woodworm, bit of the history of absinthe, and some of the debates here . But all that investigation did not conclude to what I really wanted to know. What's the story behind this bottle I purchased? I have yet to pop the bottle and intend to at a friend's wedding. All that a side, if you have any information please feel free to swarm me with knowledge. P.S. And Yes, I know...that I shouldn't have chosen a bottle by alcohol volume but that's how the lady pitched it to my dumb ass and having no clue myself I went along with it Thank you in advance, Riche