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  1. Oh gosh, thank you all!! I only saw this today
  2. Wow, thank you everyone for this great and positive feedback, I'm glad to hear that it seems we're doing a lot right. It's thrilling to see that there are some members here that would like to see us on the preferred vendors list! Though we of course wouldn't mind to already be listed, we haven't forgotten about our agreement with the board of the WS, and we're actually selling off most of our stock of faux-absinthe and will decrease its number to the minimum. Which reminds me - if anybody's interested, there's currently 15% off on a selection of Czech (cr)absinthes (I'm not daring to post the link to them on here) However, these are all examples of products we're not going to restock any more, after they have sold out. As I told Brian a while ago, we're currently developing a new site which takes a lot of time and resources. Eventually, this new shop will carry just fine and high quality spirits - where most of these 'absinthes' won't find their place. Unfortunately it's like Scott said however, especially in Europe there's a market for these products, but we hope that with our efforts we can turn things around, and educate our customers about real absinthe. We never actively promote crapsinthe, and we don't support their image. But it's also a part of why we're able to offer free shipping to the US - with a broad selection of products we achieve larger sales and it doesn't hurt as much to loose a little on shipping. Eventually, we won't need them any more to do so, but right now, we do. Thanks again for your support
  3. I just saw this link today, an interesting attempt to make absinthe more commercial (I mean, there is champagne with gold flakes in it, as well as vodka - why not?) but this is definitely nothing for me! I tried this sparkling wine with gold flakes in it once, and all I could think of was how worried I was about what it would to to my body. We got a sample of this absinthe in our office, I haven't tried it, but I've been told it's not that great. Just passing on what I was told. It'd be indeed interesting to see what happens to the gold flakes when it louches.
  4. Hello and welcome! Sunny Glasgow, hehe. Unfortunately I've never been there, but I also had the pleasure of working with a Scottish girl in Birmingham, it took me a looooong time to get used to her accent. I'm curious what yours must be like now. Certainly some weird mixture?
  5. Wow, new forum looks weird! Will sure take some time to get used to it - at least you can like someone's responses now. I thought I'd let you know that I had a look at the poll and the responses so far, and that I'm a big fan of: - la fée émeraude for the Verte - la fidéle for the blanche Too bad it's not really up to me... ;-) Thanks for all your help guys, if some of you still want to take the poll, let me just tell you that a lot of people have suggested something in relation to "emeraude" - minimum chances on winning the free bottles, if you go towards that direction as well.
  6. Hope you've submitted this via the poll - I sense some potential there
  7. Painful indeed! We obviously don't like it, when people have to wait ages for their order - we're working on a faster and better solution for USA shipments!
  8. Pleased to hear that it arrived in the end, Justin! Enjoy your Roquette!
  9. Hi Aaron, it came through, not to worry. And thanks so much for taking part! You'll all get an email in a couple of weeks. The contest ends on the 3rd of September, and from then on we'll need a couple of days do make a decision. I think that could work!
  10. Hi Bill, glad you fancy helping! And, you're right! There is some more information on the absinthes on the front page of the poll (see link) that should help you get a bit of an idea.
  11. Hi Everyone, A dream has finally come true – we've made their own absinthes. Well, we haven't made them ourselves obviously, but we managed to get in touch with two renowned distilleries, and after discussing the recipes, they agreed to distill the absinthes for us. We will launch both a Blanche and a Verte. Now, we're looking for a good, suitable name for each of these absinthes. This is why we've decided that we'd like to ask the wormwood society for your help - we believe that we can find great names for these absinthes together. Please participate, we would really appreciate your support. To say thank you, everyone taking part in the poll will receive a free gift and a discount with their next order with us. And the person who submitted at least one of the names we will choose in the end, will get a complimentary bottle of each of our new absinthes! So, there is definitely something in this for you! If you wish to take the poll, please click here. Thanks for your help, Miriam
  12. Comments on packaging: noted, cheers! There is a lot of stuff we can improve, thanks however for the positive feedback, too!
  13. Hehe. In case you don't have a still sitting in your cellar you mean?
  14. In a way, yes! Sorry, I didn't see that thread. It's the same principle, just the samples are much smaller than from LDF. 3cl tubes, whereas the kits from LDF contain 20cl bottles.
  15. Hi Guys, Paul Devoille has come up with an idea of how people can easily mix their own absinthe at home. They've developed a set with 3cl tubes of various herbal distillates (for example fennel, anise, wormwood, veronica and some more) and by mixing them, according to your own taste, you can make absinthe! It's obviously just for playing around with different tastes a little, that's why the tubes aren't that big. But I think it's a quite interesting approach. First of all, you can be very sure that you like what you've made, because you know best which herbal notes you favour, and which ones you dislike. Secondly, this approach lays a bigger emphasis on what the absinthe tastes like, rather than how prestigious its brand or recipe is. We had this idea before, for our own absinthexplore sets - and now I'd like to know what you guys think. I'm sure there is a lot of feedback you can offer to this novelty, I'd like to hear some.
  16. Joe, that's such a lovely story!
  17. Ahahaha! I didn't get to watch that video yesterday, this Gary guy is crazy!
  18. Hi Guys! This video was uploaded to Youtube last night, it's a tasting by Blogger and Youtube Reviewer Derrick Schommer - he drinks Absinthe and talks about the Wormwood Society. Derrick Schommer on Absintexplore and the Wormwood Society! Love, Miriam
  19. I found it funny - stereotypical, and prejudiced maybe. But I laughed when I read it, so I believe it was a good joke. One shouldn't take anything and especially themselves too serious.
  20. Thanks, this experiment did really show the difference! But this brings us to the point of discussing, whether it is still appropriate in this day and age, to use the absinthe history and green fairy for promoting it. I mean, both whiskey and vodka have a history as well (certainly not as interesting as absinthe) but from the google image search, you can tell that neither the whiskey nor the vodka branding is using history as their selling point, simply the look and the idea of the taste of the drink. The problem with going on about history and prestige is, that it is looked at as old-fashioned and outdated at times. It's the same with Gin, it is becoming more popular again, but I had some friends in Britain that couldn't understand when I drank Gin, they threw all of the common prejudices at me; it's for old women; it makes you depressed; you're gonna end up alone with a cat ( :D ) Good point! Thanks Judy! Greg, I think you're right, one will have to find a way to introduce it to women who are the wine-drinking-and-cocktails type - and I think it's a good idea to do so with a cocktail. Although I think it's a great idea, I'm not sure whether these women would actually fall in love with the taste of just dilluted absinthe, not mixed with sugary juices or anything they found in that cocktail. It's definitely a good starting point. Hmmm....
  21. Thanks for the info Alan, there are certainly some benefits to your brands' history for targeting women! I did actually ask rather out of interest, than developing a revolutionary sales strategy. But I enjoyed reading what you've written on your blog! Bill, thanks for your answer, too, very interesting! I'd love to hear back from what the women you know have said. But you are definetly right, I suppose there are two types of women: The ones that generally despise spirits and strong tasting alcoholic drinks (they are also the ones that don't want to lose control) and then there are the ones that like to explore, discover and taste, those are aware of what the alcohol can do to them, but they're not afraid.
  22. I'd guess that there are much more women into other highly alcoholic spirits, say for example scotch, than absinthe. Still not a lot though, you're right. I'd like to know why this is! Maybe it has to do with the strong taste of alcohol all these spirits bring with them, maybe females just don't enjoy this taste (I for example hate drinking spirits, where you can nearly taste just the alcohol).
  23. Thanks for sharing, Ambear, it's quite interesting to hear someone's story of how they got to know absinthe. I like that you were that interested in this topic. And luckily, you even enjoyed drinking it when you finally got to!