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  1. Man, now I need to make another purchase! I really appreciate all the feedback I've been getting. Looks like my new bottle arrives a day early - joy!!
  2. Having only tried a half dozen different Absinthes, my list looks like this today: 1. Meadow of Love 2. Meadow of Love 3. Meadow of Love 4. Meadow of Love 5. Meadow of Love But with a nice Walton Waters on order, I think I'll have to update my list in the next couple of days to alternate between the two. Sadly, the other 4 or 5 absinthes I have tried are real bottom of the barrel stuff.
  3. Well, since I loved Delaware Phoenix's Meadow of Love so much (and am almost out) I decided to give another of theirs a try - the Walton Waters. I should have it in the next couple of days, so who wants to give my tastebuds a tease and let me know what to expect with this one (yes, I've read the reviews). It sounds like this one is going to be just as good as my MoL - and yes, I am quite excited about the purchase!
  4. Wow, thanks to all for the great comments!! And happy anniversary to all the others celebrating!!
  5. Thank you! She's even ordering me another bottle of MoL. It just keeps getting better.
  6. For our 17 year anniversary, she ordered me this wonderful fountain, 2 glasses and 2 spoons from France. Oh, she's so good to me! We are initiating it with some MoL (minus the sugar, of course).
  7. Damn, my first bottle of MoL is on fumes... need to order up again!!
  8. Mine is from the same batch - tastes wonderful right at first crack. Joy here as well - no way will it sit long enough to breathe though. It'll be gone by the weekend...
  9. What a nice order! Woo! Hope your bottles come on time. I am traveling the next two weeks - thinking I need to grab a couple bottles for the road!
  10. Holy crap! I can't believe I fell in love with the other stuff! Damn, I need to dump everything but this! OK, not dump - just save the other swill for guests. Nothing but MoL for me!!
  11. And my bottle has just arrived - sitting in my sweaty palms, waiting to be tasted. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
  12. Thanks again! Can't believe I've almost killed off my first bottle in 7 days...