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  1. Just came across a few old bottles of Ridge Verte locally, oh my...so good! Now if I could only find Silvertip here in San Diego I'd be in heaven. This absinthe is currently my favorite
  2. I also purchased a 200ml St. George at Bevmo because I was out of absinthe and too impatient to wait for shipping. I found it to be very disagreeable in the context of absinthe. On the positive side I found 4 bottles of Ridge Verte on the shelves of a local liquor store. Score!!! That stuff is epic!!!
  3. Well i must give a heartfelt thank you to the Wormwood Society for introducing me to the Gin-Gin Mule. I'm making mine with SIlvertip and it is amazing, so refreshing in this heat.
  4. Enjoying the afternoon with my wonderful family and friends, amazing food paired with Dark and Stormy's and Negroni's. Very much looking forward to an after dinner absinthe. Life is great.
  5. Now on my 3rd i would say this is a very dangerous cocktail
  6. I have now moved on to my first Death In The Afternoon (Korbel + MoL). I can see how Hemingway Might have overdone it on these. Devine.
  7. Slumming with MillerHIgh Life this afternoon…I actually like this stuff.
  8. Walton Waters is absolutely perfect on this balmy evening.
  9. Meadow of Love and The Lydian Chromatic concept.
  10. And finally a night cap of Delaware Phoenix Bourbon. So smooth and tasty, hard to believe that batch is so young. Good stuff!
  11. I followed the same path, if you like MoL you will not at all be disappointed. I would say that WW is a little bit heavier, a little more savory, and as mentioned a little more fennel. I love both of them equally. I've only tried 3 absinthes though so I'm not exactly an expert, but boy do I sure enjoy it!
  12. Over ice: 2oz Root .5oz Meadow of Love 1 dash Bitter Truth Orange Bitters top with Birch Beer I call it The Disaster….while the drink has some promise the proportions are off ha ha...
  13. Thank you greytail, SC sent me the link. looking forward to making some! Man its hot here….
  14. Batch #3. I can tell by the silver capsule. That is a piece of history right there. I'm glad we passed muster! No idea how #3 rated on your scale…but it has moved up past Plymouth as my goto gin… What batch are you on currently? Can any of you point me to the Homemade tonic recipe?
  15. Root with birch beer, super nice on a hot summer eve.