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  1. Hi all, The colour is from Hibiscus flowers and has so far proved quite stable except where, as Gwydion points out, it is stored in strong direct sunlight. The Louche is good, producing a nice pink colour with light dilution, turning bluer as dilution increases. The colder the water the better the colour. the hibiscus does add to the flavour, giving a slight candied fruit element to complement the more prominent anise. Ambear, I look forward to hearing what you think of it. Have you tried our Verte? Kind regards John Head Distiller, Adnams
  2. Thanks for the review Brian. The development and production of this Absinthe has been an experience I have really enjoyed. From researching the history and discovering old recipes, to developing our own recipe it turned out to be a challenging but very rewarding adventure. I will continue to make minor tweaks to hopefully improve the Absinthe with future batches and will get these to you to try. Thanks again, John
  3. Welcome. I visited Grand Rapids for something to do while on a distilling course in Lansing. It was blowing a gale and snowing! Had the beach to myself ha ha! Good luck with the lounge!
  4. Editor's note: Review Page is up. Our second batch is now available and I'm really pleased with it!
  5. Thanks all, had a good day featuring Absinthe Mojitos, Akvavit and Irish Whiskey.
  6. Hi Ed, welcome to the forum from the east coast of the UK
  7. Going to make this tonight, sounds good
  8. Sound like I need to get some! Will have a search and see if it's available in the UK.
  9. That VC bottle looks great. I haven't tried it, are the contents as good as the packaging?
  10. Welcome, enjoy your discovery of good Absinthe