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  1. You can't get much more wrong than that. "anise-flavoured liquor" would fly. True but we have to see the fact that most Americans are absinthe morons, or at the very least absinthe simpletons. How many of them know what anise even is. They used lay language for the ignorant American consumer. And I find nothing wrong with that if it give absinthe a foot in the door here. All Im saying is lets stop acting like Absinthe Snobs and shout "Hurray" for the movement! Thanks, Aaron
  2. La Fee has announced a new line of absinthes. The X-S series there is currently an X-S swiss out which is a blanche and in January there will be an XS French that will come out and of course it will be a verte. Just wanted to know if the general absinthe population will accept these or if it is just another La Fee oil infusion? Thanks, Aaron
  3. HEllo all, my absinthe spoons seem to be disapearing. I had 2 like a month ago..and now none. I dont know. Maybe the green fairy is hiding them. Anyone know a place to buy large quantities for a good price because Im now reduced to using a fork...ick. Anyway let me know. thanks. Thanks, Aaron
  4. I did not dilute the everclear..I think Id have to get a bigger bottle for that...but ill try it. Im an absinthe scientist at work. Any ideas on the proportions to dillute it that much? Thanks, Aaron
  5. Just for fun I bought some essences. 2 vials of the Prestige Absinthe essence. NOt the Absinthe TF Pro Essence since that does not actually contain wormwood. I poured one vial into a 750ML Bottle of Everclear. It actually looked and tasted like Hills...not good exactly. However I added the second vial as well. And I will tell you that after the second vial the louche, aroma and taste was 98% identical to commercially produced La Fee! It was really quite an experience. I have now ordered another vial of the essence as well as a bottle of the wormwood essence just to try it. Now don't get me wrong all you absinthe purists out there. I do not claim that this is actual absinthe, but definitely a better and cheaper alternative than Absente or Herbsaint when you are low on cash! I do however make one suggestion...I used Everclear and that produced quite a STRONG alcohol flavour that was not 100% pleasant. so I would suggest something around thee 70-100 proof range to get a better flavour. Especially for those of you out there who do not like to use sugar. Just an observation and an experiment. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Aaron
  6. Hello all! For some reason, a year ago I bought a bottle of Sebor...it made me gag so I left it on a shelf...and apparently forgot about it...weird. anyway I found it while I was cleaning the other day and just for shits and giggles decided to try it again...wow...over a year it has not improved...big surprise. It is definatley the worst absinthe I have ever tried. Anyway, I was wanting to know what all of you though was the worst absinthe you ever tried? and just for fun...do some kind of critical analysis of it. Just for my amusement... thanks, Aaron
  7. Very True Jaded. HOwever bashing the sales rep in the head a few times for 10 hours straight and kicking him in the genitals for 14 hours would prevent him from having cognitive abilities and the ability to produce offspring to continue the ignorance... And Hell...its more fun. Thanks, Aaron
  8. Does Chartreuse contain Anise? Does it louche? just curious. I've just heard it called the "Poor Man's Absinthe" So I was just wondering how close it is. Thanks, Aaron
  9. Hello all, I took a bottle of pernod and a bottle of herbsaint over to a friends house last night, just for fun really. And well I accidentally left them in the car overnight and it got kind of cold. I go out at like 2am this morning and get them out of the car and they are full of little plastic type, wax floaty things! What the heck is going on. I have put absinthe in the freezer before and that doesn't happen...can anyone tell me what is going on? I'm sure it s a chemical reaction due to excessive cold temperatures but they don't seem to be going away so if anyone can help id appreciate it. Thanks, Aaron
  10. Luc, Thanks for the time it took you to do that and get it posted up here. its awesome to know that a post that I started has been such an amazing learning tool for the group...I promise I wont cry... Thanks, Aaron
  11. We all know that there are basically 3 methods to produce commercial absinthe: 1)Distilled 2) Mixed and Macerated 3) Oil Mix Or at least I hope none of those are connected in either way and if they are I'm sure Ill find out about it. I just had 2 questions, how do the 3 methods compare as far as taste, louche, color, etc and as far as the oil mixes For a couple of years now I have seen absinthe essences on sale in various BS websites that also sell the hokey "Absinth Kits" Just curious about the differences in the absinthes that are made via oil mix and the essences. I would be grateful to know. Thanks, Aaron
  12. Happy Brithday! Louche one for me...cause im poor. Hope you have a great year! Thanks, Aaron
  13. I'm with Hiram on that I have always heard it pronounced as though it rhymed with couch...but regional differences could be a factor Thanks, Aaron
  14. Happy Birthday Skeet. Do I have the ranking to call you that yet? Thanks, Aaron
  15. Its really hard when your the only absinthe enthusiast in your metro area, and your small crappy town as well. I see the word "louche" a million times a day..more or less However, seeing it in print has not helped me be totally confident on how to pronounce it. So I was wondering how exactly do you pronounce it? Maybe help of other Absinthe related words would be good too. Thanks, Aaron