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  1. Has anyone here tried it? Any info on it? What's "Ultra Premium" anyway? I'm considering ordering a bottle, but at $115 I want to hear a bit more about it than the promo on this page,,, http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=954
  2. Thanks will do. If anyone know of or sees any please let me know. I don't always post, but stop by daily.
  3. Agreed that it is a great place to get a 5cl sample of vintage, but I'm looking for the actual mini bottle, full. see attachment
  4. I know this is a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I'm looking for (preferably) full 5cl bottles of Pernod Fils from pre-ban to 1960's. I might also be interested in other brands from that era. Let me know what you've got. If someone knows of a site that is selling vintage miniature bottles please PM me.
  5. Well to answer my thread title...almost I'm not going to go in to great detail, but I will say that I am glad that I paid through paypal. 2 1/2 months to recieve my money back, but I did get it back. It appears that something happened with Customs and it was lost/stolen/detained etc... This was a lesson learned to really rely on trusted vendors with experience shipping absinthe internationally and not a regular joe schmoe on ebay. I still do not have a full sized bottle, but I did order a 50ml sample from absinthes.com It has already arrived and is awaiting consumption
  6. These guys could use a Cristal display.
  7. muskoka double chocolate cranberry stout peppermint mocha kahlua in coffee Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. Chef John recommends Pernod Pastis, but says Absinthe can be used as a replacement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwbFf13j7ds
  9. Thanks for all of the advice everyone. I actually used the scoresheets, neat idea. I'll have to try letting some breathe sometime and see how that affects things. Thanks again. I have to admit I did enjoy the Clandestine more this time around. I think I may have been over watering it a bit. I went with a 2.5:1 ratio with half a sugar cube, t'was pretty tasty. The Mansinthe, well, it's just not for me, which is fine. I find it to have a very strong alcohol taste that overpowers everything. I won't bore everyone with my opinion of each, but I did enjoy the others very much. Tonight, Perroquet
  10. I had been fighting a nasty cold for the last few days so I hadn't had a chance to indulge this weekend. Tonight I'm feeling much better and I'm doing a mini taste test/sampling. In no particular order (if someone wants to suggest an order, feel free) Ike 68 Limitée (first time) François Guy Clandestine Mansinthe (last time) Maldoror These will be small drinks consisting of 2-3cl of absinthe. Any more and well This will be my last chances given to La Clandestine and Mansinthe. I find Clandestine to be ok, and just ok. I mean it's not horrible, it just hasn't impressed me enough to buy a bottle. Perhaps my palate hasn't developed enough to enjoy it fully, I don't know. I have been adjusting water and sugar levels, maybe I can't get it right. This will be my fourth glass. The Mansinthe tonight will be my second glass of this The first ended up down the sink. It was the only glass of absinthe that I have wasted :3869-sadbanana:I know that someone here probably likes the stuff and I hope I don't offend them. I'm really going to try to face this with an open mind/mouth. Again maybe it's my un(der) developed palate. This will be my first time trying Eichelberger 68 Limitée. I'm pretty excited about this one. I keep smelling it and man it smells spicy, sweet spicy, like those red cinnamon hearts I never got on Valentine's Day. It definitely smells unique. I'm still very new to absinthe and I'm still figuring out what I like and why. If anyone has any suggestions regarding how I should go about tonight's list I'd appreciate it. If not I'm cool to try to learn trial by fire