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  1. Thanks everyone! I spent the last few days on the beach getting much too much sun. :P
  2. For those who have not seen the Spaghetti Harvest...
  3. Seeing as this Hamlet comes in Green, Red, Blue, and Black colour versions I would venture a no0bie guess of "Fake Stuff". I want to propose they also make pink, yellow and tartan colour versions. >.<
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dLHAWJp4OU I don't speak German well so a lot of it is lost on me. But it was fun to watch!
  5. Nothing like sipping absinthe and watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  6. Watching folk hang ten while sipping absinthe wouldn't be to bad. =:ß
  7. Tonight it is a glass of La Sorcière in the verte variety since I drank all but one shot of the bleue already. >.<
  8. Oh, in NY? I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. :P
  9. Just noticed that there is a new video with absinthe over on the Youtube. It's of an oyster saloon in New Orleans and they talk about absinthe a bit in the middle of the video.
  10. Just had my first sip of Perique today. Wow that is yummy! I only got to have one shot though. It was very delicious.
  11. I was at my fav. place here on Oahu to get absinthe and the owner's husband gave me a shot of Perique from his secret stash. WOW!! Shame they don't sell Perique... maybe I can wear him down eventually. Edited to fix typo :P
  12. That would effectively ban a lot of really good absinthe made in the US, Spain and else where. Other than that I like the idea.
  13. GoodNPlentys'll have you "tripping ballz" for sure. hehe
  14. I'm a newbie and have a total newbie question. But first of all let me say I've never encountered any musty smell or anything. It was said that one should let a new bottle sit and it'll mellow out a bit, or maybe a lot. How does one tell if they have a newly bottled absinthe that needs to mellow as compared to one that maybe has been sitting on some shelf for some time? Is there some smell or taste to look for? Thanks!