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  1. Just tried this, first thing I thought of was nutmeg, someone else mentioned allspice. This is my Christmas cookie absinthe. Love it! La Grenouille
  2. I'm pretty new here but I disliked my first bottle of Lucid so much I gave it away. I decided to give it a second chance, new bottle, and its not too bad. It tastes cleaner, not that off putting funk I tasted before. I've only tried 4 different kinds so far, Lucid, Mansinthe, Ridge Verte, and Pacifique so ya Imma noob but I'm sure it tastes different now.
  3. Correction, I tried Catskill again and my order went through, must have glitched out earlier, internet overheated or something (grin) But still would appreciate any tips on a good place to buy in western Illinois. Also sorry bout the dirty socks comment, I don't mean to offend anyone. Flavor is pretty subjective.
  4. Yes I did try Catskill (no luck) and yes it does suck to be me. Bout all I can get locally is Lucid which I think tastes like dirty socks, not that I have tasted dirty socks but you get the idea. I've heard Illinois might have some decent Absinthe. Anyone know of a good place to buy it in western Illinois?
  5. Does anyone know of an online store that will ship absinthe to Iowa? I ordered some a couple years ago from DIUNY and Astor but they won't ship to Iowa now, and I'm OUT (eek). Thanks
  6. Wow that glass in the photo looks amazing. I have been alternating Ridge Verte and Pacifique all summer and decided to give the Lucid lurking in the back of my cabinet another go. Bad move. I dont know if I will be able to finish the bottle, and I HATE wasting money. You guys spoiled me. (Thanks)
  7. Happy Birthday fellow July birthday person...
  8. I hope everything went well as Im looking forward to being able to find another bottle to purchase. Would have helped, but 30 hour drive and all.. Just an aside, but I looked at your photos on the Pacifique website and those tables make me nervous. We used them where I work and the legs collapse from time to time. Your stuffs just to good to spill a drop. Really interesting to see the distillery.
  9. Welcome from another noobie. I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am
  10. Just got my 1st bottle of Ridge Verte, only my 3rd absinthe ever, and love it. It seems to have kind of a delicate floral quality without being bland. Im going to have another glass while reading the reviews to see if I can pick out the details, then try my new bottle of Pacifique. Pretty sure when I decide to try a blanche it will be Ridge.
  11. Absinthe....makes me lock the doors and turn the ringer on my phone off....time to start attending AA meetings? (Mixes another drink)
  12. When I went to the liquor store to buy the Lucid there were 3 cop cars in the parking lot. As I have an IQ somewhat above average I decided not a good day to make a point. Either smart or chickenshit depending on point of view. Weekday might be better
  13. I'm OOA (out of absinthe) with delivery not expected until mid next week. Had sushi with a glass of wine for dinner, tried to read a book, kept thinking about Absinthe, finally snapped and got a bottle of Lucid from the store down the road. Damn you green fairy! Actually the Lucid isnt too bad, kind of bland but not unpleasant. And a free spoon to boot woohoo. I am easy to please, just so I get what i want.
  14. I'm out of Absinthe and my order from Astor doesn't get here until Wednesday. I'm pretty tempted to go for the Lucid