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  1. I apologize for the reference to "Thujone". I assumed this was the common, modern, scientific definition of the active ingredient in grand wormwood found in "Absinthe" that I'm looking for. In the hebrew, wormwood is written as "la na", which I have read is grand wormwood found in legal absinthe. Interesting enough in the greek, in my strong's concordance, wormwood is translated as "apsinthos" and has the specific definition of: "apsinthos, GK, Wormwood, referring to a bitter herb (absinthe)". "Apsinthos" is also a reference to the process of "distillation", specifically in making "liquors", or "spirits". In the ancient Israelite Torah, "la na" or "apsinthos" is used in a normal, Israelite, purification ritual mentioned in Numbers 5, Kabalistic writings, and other Israelite holy books. (The waters of bitterness, or bitter water, "la na", and apsinthos, absinthe)". I'm 100% positive that Grand Wormwood found in legal "absinthe" is what I'm looking for in the recommended, advanced, purification ritual. Again, In my reseach the "absinthe" required is referred to as "the waters of bitterness", "the waters that bring a curse", "gall, mixed with wine", and specifically "distilled spirits", which is obviously the drink we now know as "absinthe". I was just hoping to find a non-alcohol source of "la na", or "apsinthos", i.e. "absinthe". It seems the "Mephisto", absinthe, that I purchased locally is working, as I am experiencing the subtle effects mentioned in the purification rituals, (if a person's system is scientifically, "clean" enough, from advanced fasts, to notice the subtle effects of the "absinthe"). Due to the fact that I only eat clean foods and from regular fasts, my system seems to be extremely sensitive to the high alcohol content. Again, I was just hoping to find a non-alcohol source of "la na", or "apsinthos", i.e., "absinthe", due to my before-mentioned medical sensitivity to alcohol. I think I'll stick to the "Mephisto", "absinthe" liquor, due to the fact that all of these writings refer to a prepared, distilled, liquor, which is referred to as "absinthe", and "the waters of bitterness", in the ancient Greek and Hebrew. Thanks again! darkminnow1.
  2. Hi! I am a service connected disabled veteran, and registered libertarian, trying to obtain real wormwood in the U.S., but I don't know where to start. I'm looking for the strongest and cheapest "wormwood" with the highest legal amount of "Thujone" that I can legally obtain in the U.S., and in the state of Florida. I am a pure blooded Israelite, and I've read quite a bit of information concerning the use of "wormwood" in the ancient religious practices of the Israelites, especially in "purification" rituals. I'd rather not go into detail, but at this point in my "purification" rituals, in the "Kabbalah", the highest amount of "wormwood", or "la na" in the Hebrew, containing real "Thujone", is recommended to "cleanse" my body from unwanted, and more importantly uninvited, "impurities" and "unclean", "toxins". I'm on a limited budget as a service connected disabled veteran, so any suggestions as to where to obtain the right wormwood containing real "Thujone" would be considered a good deed, under the aspect of "helping the poor and spiritually oppressed". Also, I don't necessarily need an "Absinthe" source of wormwood. I have purchased some "Mephisto", Austrian "Absinthe", at a local beer and wine store, but the alcohol content is extremely high. One of my disabilities is the fact that I contracted a rare form of "Vertigo" from a humanitarian demining mission to Africa. Ever since being diagnosed with "Vertigo", I can only handle, on average, one regular beer or one regular shot of alcohol before experiencing "Vertigo" type symtoms, especially severe, dizzy, headaches. I also contracted a rare form of "toxoplasmosis" from being fed a lion during the humanitarian mission. The "Vertigo" type symptoms, in theory, could be caused by the rare, african strain, lion "toxoplasmosis", parasite/symbiote, (that took up residence in the right frontal lobe of my brain, whom I have loving have named "China Rose"), being affected by the alcohol. She seems to be a light-weight, and can only handle low levels of alcohol before letting me know about it with "Vertigo" type symptoms. The lion at the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, zoo died in 1995 during the mission, and I'm pretty sure the poor animal was sold to the local restaurant that was contracted for our meals. Again, due to the "Vertigo" type symptoms, ever since contracting the parasite/symbiote, I can only have one regular drink every five hours or so before experiencing "Vertigo" type symptoms. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, darkminnow1, out.