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  1. I got the idea from kids who I used to associate with, they regularly stole alcohol and such from their parents. I tend to err on the side of caution, but I was just extrapolating such a scenario with home distilled liquor added to it. Also there used to be a guy (his sobriquet was Crazy... something... Mark I think) in my neighborhood who was... let's just say touched. This gentlemen would sell his "head meds" to kids. That's where I'm getting the concept of an underground market. I'm just imagining what someone like this guy would do if he could easily obtain distillation equipment and supplies (large purchases of sugar is a tip off to the ATF of a moonshining operation). I concede the point that I am being a touch over zealous but it is a hypothetical question, and I'm just posing hypothetical ramifications, which might be overlooked.
  2. I imagine I'd have the same reaction now but at 15 it was alluring
  3. poor metamorphic... nobody loves you =)
  4. Originally from the great Porkopolis eh? It's great to know there are some locals around here, perhaps we...er.. Ohio-ians can all get together someday. =) while I try to utilize "proper" english as much as possible I should really give up... it seems my nature is to just make up the rules as I go. =) I've always enjoyed "ugly" art. For example I like the warts and all approach to Hellenistic Greek sculpture over the idealized beauty of Classical greek sculpture. Kieffer for instances throws dirt, straw etc into his painting. I love it, and didn't really appreciate it until I got to actually see it. While we're talking about art I feel compelled to say for the record... Andy Warhol is either an idiot or the worlds greatest conman... I can't decide which. =) Danke nauf.
  5. I'm currently a first year german student, and Amanda has a very dear friend who lives in Barcelona, Spain. So we're really hoping to take a european vacation after college. Italy is a country that is also very high on my list since that is how I identify my heritage. Hopefully we'll be able to do it. It's an unfortunate thing that Americans tend to not travel at all, even within our own country. And thank you to all for you warm welcome. nauf. PS- Incidentally I made my first informed absinthe purchase yesterday. From Liqueurs de France. I bought a Montmartre and the Verte and Blanche de Fougerolles combo. Forgive me, but I'm not metrically inclined... 20 cl? I'm guessing, but that's about half a pint right?
  6. I've been posting here for a little while now but I suppose I should formally introduce myself. My name is Jon, for the past few years I've chosen the handle "Naufana." It's taken from the Burroughs' book "The Cities of the Red Night." I'm probably going to keep this handle for a while because it is so rare and I don't have to worry about running into anyone else who's using it. I'm originally from Connecticut and now reside in Ohio. The midwest took some getting used to but I really enjoy it here. There are several major and semi-major cites within driving distance and most importantly I met the love of my life here. Her name's Amanda and unfortunately due to my irascible nature we're having one of those days, but as I was typing this I rectified the situation. =) I'm currently attending college in pursuit of a bachelor's in social sciences so I can teacher History at the high school level. My girlfriend insists that I should aim towards college but I really think American public schools need more attention. Right not I'm in a class covering the Renaissance, esp Florence. Concerning arts and entertainment I enjoy (musically), in order of my appreciation, synthpop (an influence of my mother's from childhood), metal (thrash and death esp), industrial (although not the dance variety), experimental (think aphex twin/download to john cage), blues/jazz/classical - of these last three I have a more superficial interest. I really enjoy them but I don't own/listen to enough to make any claims to them. Scattered throughout are various odd ball guilty pleasures, Sarah McLachlan being a prominent one. Artistically I really enjoy surrealism (bosch for example, which is where my avatar comes from), abstract impressionism (esp. anselm kiefer/pollock), and the photography of Tinguely. I look at most art like the way I look at serious mathematics, aesthetically beautiful... but I don't get it. That is a oversimplification but I've come to realize this since I've met Amanda. She is a painter and an amazing resource of artistic insight and knowledge (she turned me onto Magritte for example). Ahh what else what else... I suppose I should shut up and let you go. Oh one last thing I have a *bad* habit of rambling so if you see a long post of mine *please * feel free to skip it. nauf. jon. P.S.- because "naufana" is so rare if you happen to see one on the internet it's probably me... please say "hi." Obvious places to start? Wikipedia & Ebay(although not too much anymore... I simply cannot afford it).
  7. HBO that sounds right... it was pretty interesting watching the guile involved in hostle take overs etc.
  8. Well getting back to the subject of absinthe misinformation. I first heard, or more accurately read, about absinthe in a Poppy Z Brite book while I was in high school. I recommended the book to a friend of mine and we dove into the absinthe mythos. Eventually my friend made a visit to his father who was stationed in Italy at the time and when he return he regaled me with tales of procuring our mysterious drink and the lysergic experiences that followed. Wide eyed and more than slightly green with envy I hung on every word. We were both avid LSD explorers and he always recited the mantra,"It's nothing like acid, it makes acid look like nothing" or something along those lines. After a while I eventually forgot about absinthe and wasn't reminded of it until I read "Hell House" by Richard Matheson. I took to the now much more developed internet (it was in an inchoate phase while i was in high school and at that time I rarely left Bbses). What pray tell do you think I bought? Absinth King of Spirits! (that's the real absinthe you know-WINK-WINK-) as well as two Spanish bottles from the Fine Spirits Corner. Sufficed to say I was a tad let down but the experience. That bottle of absinth was so vilely turpentinic I couldn't bring myself to buy another, the other two were fine but it was the taste of the absinth that stayed with me. I think I held onto that bottle for two or three years until a friend choked it down only to proclaim he finally drank absinthe. So as you can see a lack of research, the desire to impress, and gullibility all amount to... Absinth King of Spirits. I'm quite glad I wandered into this little den of miscreants. nauf.
  9. Ich komme aus Huber Heights, OH; aka Dayton, OH. originally from Connecticut I'm also on the Frappr map. nauf.
  10. you can breathe with ease I was half in the bag. Usually at night I have a few drinks and settle into my laptop before I go to sleep. so more often than not my posts might not make sense, this fault is only compounded by the fact I suffer from a severe case of circumlocutionary/itinerant logic. I can't believe I typed, "for one I'm don't really care." [lowers head and shakes it in shame] So my whole point can be distilled down to the fact that I believe (if distillation were decriminalized) there would be the potential for younger children to acquire alcohol with greater ease than now. Along with this I'm slightly fearful that dubious chemicals might be added to the mixture or the distillation might be done by someone who doesn't know exactly what they are doing, which might result with increased amounts of toxins in the alcohol. Not to mention the potential for explosions in the distillation process if the liquor is over 100 proof. I basically think that home distillation is more dangerous that home brewing. VS. The fact that there could arise (if distillation were decriminalized) the kind of diversity that occurred when microbreweries became more popular (the Beer Renaissance, I've heard it called) and this could result in alcoholic beverages with flavors that far surpass the ones available now. Not to mention the possibility of entirely new kinds of liquors. Americans, I believe, have an amazing amount of creativity when it comes to certain things (look at the various ways people "trick out" their cars) and I think grassroots American liquor could eventually blow the tops off of the world's liquor drinkers. For me it all depends on the nuances of the hypothetical legislation and what restrictions are put in place to mitigate the negative points. I tend to lean towards commercial availability of absinthe but given the proper scenario I would prefer distillation. ______________________________________ anyway another topic I cannot help but chime in on: I'm originally from connecticut (the only state whose name contains paradoxical logic, "Connect I cut") and on the subject of packies we also use that term to refer to liquor stores. Here in ohio they're called "state stores". Some other New Englandism that people have trouble with here in ohio are: wicked: as an intensifier, "That's wicked good" i.e. "That's really good" of: as in preceding the hour, "it's ten of..." i.e. "It's ten 'til the hour" There are a few others but I cannot recall them right now. nauf.
  11. What about his good? The word you're looking for should be a contraction of *you* and *are*. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (in an effeminate campy vioce doing a dracula impersonation) BEWARE BEWARE we got an english major.... on a forum board!!! We're all doomed!!! =)
  12. In making a decision like this one has to decide what is best for them in their personal situation, as it stands right now I have absolutely no spare time to devote to any kind of home project (be it distilling my own alcohol or whatever). So in that regard I would prefer commercial distribution. I say this mostly because as a past sucker of poor Absinthe and as a future customer to reputable Absinthe distributors I would like the low price that commercial competition can provide. As for the obvious negative of exploitation, for one I'm don't really care if something is popular or not. If indeed we are considering the long haul anyone involved in absinthe solely for the fashion of it... well fashions change and over time it simply won't be fashionable anymore. Does anyone drink Tang here or perhaps Tab cola? Also there is something to be said for the safety that legal regulations provide. For instance if a bootlegger sold me a bottle of absinthe, I (or at least someone) would have to try it to see if it was any good or not. Who know's what might be lurking inside of that bottle. What if one doesn't have access to a local distiller and some kind of absinthe/liquor black market arises? These scenarios might not affect everyone here but some kid somewhere in Anytown, USA might get a bottle of something (absinthe, whiskey, rum, what have you) that isn't quite reputable. Think of all the unusual things people lace marijuana with, I knew someone who sprayed Formula 409 on the grass he sold. Then again... On the other hand, the Pre-Prohibition American beer market was a lively place where every region had it's own flavors, nuances it's own separate culture if you will. Yellow beer was not "king" in this time and it wasn't until the microbrew explosion of recent times (relatively) that America reclaimed some of that heritage. Even in the aggregate though microbrews aren't even a drop in the bucket in comparison to the big commercial breweries (who incidentally are now trying to cash in on this market by producing beers with microbrew sounding names or origins- Killians I think is a good example of that). Just having the option though of selecting a microbrew is empowering. Years ago I had a friend who's uncle distilled his own liquor, he called it Leviticus. I only had it once and it was excellent- spicy, rich and it was served warmed. I've never tasted anything like it and distillers like my friend's uncle is exactly who would flourish if the prohibition on home distillers were lifted. Now that I've made my case I've decided to take the cowards way out and abstain from the vote. Sorry- excellent discussion though. I feel like such a politician... I think I need a shower. nauf.
  13. =) As a matter of fact it is, a few days ago when I initially joined this forum my roommate was watching my girlfriends new copy of the simpsons DVD (she is a simpsons, family guy, invader zim, and futurama fanatic) and as I walked into the kitchen to make another drink Lisa gave that line. I thought it was rather good I usually like the lines they give her. Excellent eye. By the way I love your avatar, I used to watch Bob Ross on PBS all the time when I was younger. I used to love it when he'd "beat the devil" out of a brush to clean it. I remember he did a promo spot on MTV once and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing it went something like, "MTV; it's like fluffy white clouds."
  14. About that "smoke free cigarette" there was a movie made about it called, "Barbarians at the Gate." It was mildly interesting because the tobacco company put a lot of stock into the "smokeless" venture and as we all know it didn't pass the spaghetti test. I think it was a made for TV movie but I can't say for sure. When I was younger I smoked cigarettes, mostly because I thought it helped me fit in with the group of friends I associated with at the time. I could never stand the smell of a cigar and so went my relatively quick foray into the world of tobacco or perhaps tobacco's relatively quick foray into me. =)