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  1. Thank you, Gwydion. I appreciate that.
  2. I'd also love to know if there is a way to get notifications from this forum. I had no idea my post had so many responses!!!
  3. I apologize if I have ruffled any feathers. Certainly not my intention. Actually, I would love feedback on the law firm I plan to use - Strike & Techel in San Francisco. If anyone has any experience with them, I would love to hear it before I sign the engagement letter, which I am about to do. http://strikeandtechel.com/
  4. Hi, WOW! Lots of comments. I apologize for not logging back in here sooner, I will make an effort to do so more often. That said, I am a little nervous to post because this forum seems to be a harsh and unforgiving environment, but nonetheless, I will answer the four questions posed. 1) Will it truly be distilled? Yes! 2) What were you really making in your kitchen? There are obvious reasons why I will not respond to this question. 3) What is your plan with the cash you have raised if you don't get enough to put your brand to market? All the cash is going directly into the business. If we don't raise enough through the campaign, the business will still proceed as planned. The goal is $25k, and if you have any experience launching an alcohol beverage firm with a wholesaler's license, which is what our lawyers recommend, you will know that $25k is substantial but certainly not going to cover all of our start up expenses. 4. Can we get 3-4 samples for review, pre-launch. Absolutely. We expect to have our first batch ready by the holidays. Lastly, I will not answer questions about the status of the business on Facebook. It is simply not the right forum for that kind of information. If you would like to be on my mailing list, please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Thank you! I will be working through another distillery. I will be more free to discuss who/when/where and all the fun details when the business is further along. I have picked what I believe to be the best and cannot wait to share with you who they are and why I have picked them. I am in the business of making absinthe, not running a distillery I will say that the distiller is certified biodynamic, organic, and kosher. I will also be using certified organic herbs. We will create a master recipe together per my standards. The campaign offers a hand numbered bottle from our first batch. Our lawyers say they must be picked up at our warehouse in the SF Bay Area - we cannot ship out of state. I do hope you will pick one up and maybe come visit if you are out of state, or contribute to the campaign in some way. Cheers!
  6. Hi all, I want to let you know about my crowdfunding campaign for my soon-to-be-launched absinthe brand! http://igg.me/at/absinthe I am grateful for any support you can provide! Would you please consider helping me launch my dream? ♥ Cheers,Absinthia (Jennifer Vermut Baum) Absinthia's Bottled Spirits, LLC http://www.facebook.com/TheAbsinthia http://absinthiasbottledspirits.com www.twitter.com/absinthia absinthiab.tumblr.com
  7. Today I noticed several posts on twitter about absinthe: Mutineer Magazine ‏@mutineermag 100 years ago today #absinthe was banned in the US. 5 years ago today it was made legal again. YES. #totc and Alexi Ueltzen ‏@AlexiOberth RT @DeeGoots: Today marks 100 years since the US' ban on #absinthe. #Pernod is sticking it to the prohibitionists at @hotelmonteleone. #totc So I posted: Absinthia ‏@absinthia Misinformation on Twitter! #absinthe was made legal March 1, 2005, not five years ago today. and Was #absinthe really banned today, 100 yrs ago? It is legal now, & yet: "No laws have changed, and no ban has been lifted." http://www.wormwoodsociety.org/index.php?o...&Itemid=235 @DeeGoots replied: Andi Gutierrez ‏@DeeGoots @absinthia Here's a few: http://www.viridianspirits.com/history.php http://www.absintheonline.com/acatalog/History.html … I also work on Pernod. and said first article 5th paragraph has today's date: "On July 25th, 1912, following an earlier Swiss ban in 1910, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued Food Inspection 147, which effectively banned absinthe in America..." However, WS FAQ says: No laws have changed, and no ban has been lifted. It is an interesting debate, and I am enjoying it. So, we all know the ban was not lifted 5 years ago today, but was there a ban placed 100 years ago today?
  8. Great to meet you as well, Evan. IMHO cougar = sexually aggressive divorcée. Which I am not.
  9. Thanks Joe, it was so awesome to meet you and your lovely wife! I really enjoyed seeing your distillery on Artemisia Way, too! Cheers! Absinthia
  10. I do not currently have a brand to promote. The site is informative and fun. Doing the research and keeping it updated is one of the best parts of my day.
  11. Scary? HA! I could have fun with you That photo put absinthe in the news, and I believe the story had something to do with absinthe, fire, and a bartender losing his job. I found it interesting. Does that mean I approve of burning absinthe? Of course not. I always find it fascinating when absinthe hits the news, whether it be the name of a lipstick color, a new cocktail, a racehorse, or a new restaurant. But I am getting awfully tired of the Vegas show and the jailbreak app!
  12. No problem, Gwydion. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet this weekend. Off to do my homework now...
  13. Greetings all! Thanks for the fantastic free market research! I am learning from you. Don't worry - I have no intention of producing crapsinthe. Good thing I have very thick skin and don't take any of this thread personally. Cheers! Absinthia ps What the heck is a puma?