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  1. Great tip. There is one place in SF that carries it (that I know of), but I work in the south bay so it's good to know that Whole Foods in cupertino has it.
  2. Just to add to the list for SF: Beretta, in the Mission, has a few absinthes behind the bar, and they serve it properly. Obsello, St. George, and Kübler, for sure. There may be others there too.
  3. Hit the nail on the head! I couldnt define what the characteristic was, but nuttiness is it! Off to buy another bottle of each...Im really regretting not being able to attend the recent absinthe festival to meet ya. Hopefully one day
  4. More likely it's my, as yet, unsophisticated palate. I believe the wrapper was blue as you mentioned, but it was markedly less sweet (to me) than the verte. Still goddamn good, just was expecting the blanche to be more sweet than the verte (as I thought was generally the case) Blanche is now almost gone as well. Damn you, Señor Legate...damn you
  5. Oh, agreed. Wasnt saying I have a "bad" selection at all! Just not the selection Id want, ideally. But I am a greedy bastard The same shop that has Ridge also has one of the Jades, but it's much more cost effective to order it online.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one. The verte just went down way too easy and I found myself thinking "Damn, is this my 5th, or 6th glass?" while enjoying some fine TV. The bottle went too damn fast.. As far as being jealous, dont be. Most liquor stores around here dont have much of an absinthe selection (V.P, V.C, Pacifique, and Kübler, mostly...I was shocked to find one that stocked Ridge)
  7. Id say 1L bottles would be great, because the aforementioned bottle of Ridge V. is now gone. Thankfully a liquor store near me stocks it so I don't need to order online. I tried the blanche too, last night after the verte ran out. Also, incredibly good! But, I'm learning as I go that I may be more of a verte fan. The blanche was less sweet, and a little more dry, to me. Is that typical of a blanche (this was my first)?
  8. Just wanted to stop by and say... I just tried the Ridge Verte this weekend, and somehow, since cracking the bottle open Friday, by Sunday night it was half gone. I loved it. I used 4 parts water which seemed to be the sweet spot (for me), and no sugar. The no sugar was a surprise because I have a sweet tooth...this absinthe simply didnt need any. Absolutely delicious. For what its worth from an absinthe noob, lemme say "Well done!"
  9. Isnt cachaça pretty widely available? I know my liquor store carries quite a few of them (Cabana, Sagatiba, Novo Fogo, etc), along with good selections of Agricoles.
  10. Wow, many thanks! You fine folks are officially the first to wish me a happy bday today. Great thing to wake up to!
  11. They don't have to wait. It's in stock at chambers street wines
  12. Welcome absinthia, from one bay area local to another
  13. The sugar cubes I use (just standard supermarket variety, about 1 tsp worth of sugar per cube), melt well on the spoon when I'm adding water. It's just when I finish drinking my glass, I see a fair amount of undissolved sugar sitting in the reservoir. So I'll play with simple syrup and see how it works.
  14. I do stir, but no matter what much of the sugar refuses to dissolve. Also, if I'm using a reservoir glass, sometimes stirring can be difficult, depending on the opening size. I just thought it might be easier to pour in some simple syrup. I'm just experimenting, and playing, and having fun
  15. Quick question (and apologies if this has been discussed before): Ive been considering using simple syrup instead of sugar when drinking absinthe, because Ive found the sugar doesn't dissolve smoothly, leaving an overly sweet drink when one gets to the bottom of the glass. Has anyone used simple syrup instead of sugar?