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  1. Green Fairy is disgraceful! Dan Murhry's does have Mr'Jekyll and "The Bottlo' can get Grande. various do sell Pernod. I'm happy with Mr.Jekyll..heh heh. Hope this helps Sean
  2. ..to see the Absinthe Dilution Matrix section! I have to admit that I water and sugar until the louche reaches the top! BUT I try to go for the 1:3 mix- any thoughts?
  3. Billnchristy- I like the second sketch- fuller and more feel! First feels hollow? Didn't know Absinthe inspired art was welcomed here! Will have to start-
  4. Thanks guys- for a terrific welcome, very much appreciated! Possibly the wrong place to ask (please forgive me) but could I ask what the general consensus is: 1:3 mix ratio or water until the louche reaches the surface? Thanks Sean
  5. Hi- I've just recently been bitten by the Absinthe bug and have really enjoyed seeking out and trying a few different brands. What a great experience! My first was the bright green joke-of-a-drink 'Green Fairy' brand which supplied a fantastic headache and not much else. I then got hold of a bottle of Grande and had the first real absinthe experience- watching a louche and seeing the blue tinge etc was very exciting! Pernod was next and again I was very impressed. Dont forget- I'm just starting so it doesn't take much to impress me! Just recently I bought a bottle of 'Mr. Jekyll' which is the cheapest I can find in Australia without resorting to radiator coolant. This is (so far) my favourite. The taste seems to be pretty accurate to the discriptions I've read about the originals. I'm not sure if you guys in the states have this one available to you? I don't doubt that there is better available but I'm pretty well sold on this at the moment- plus- I smoke so my tasting abilities are negated:( Anyhow- thanks for having me here! Sean