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  1. So I just tried a glass of Absente... it was... um... ok. It tastes strangely similar to La Fee Parisian, and even shares its unnatural colouring. The Star Anise is quite prevalent, as is the mint.... The fennel is there a wee bit... apparently there is wormwood in it, but I cant really detect much. Its what I'd give to guests that dont have much of a palette, or to drink myself after Im already a bit drunk. But it is nowhere near a connoisseur's level, though that bit doesn't surprise me. Its close enough for the non-discerning drinker. It tastes more like Ricard than any absinthe I've tried, probably due to the over abundance of star anise. Is it really that hard to make it properly? The maker claims it to be a Modern Absinthe, but as far as I can tell, its still a Faux-sinthe. Oh well, it was free. It will forever remain in my collection as a reference to what absinthe is not. If you have an option, go with something else.
  2. You could name it in a PM... I am curious...
  3. Anyone familiar with their XS line? It would seem that is the line they are targeting toward true connoisseurs.
  4. I wonder in light of all the new genuine brands available, La Fee plans on stepping up there game a bit? The XS series looks promising, but for that price Id rather buy a Jade... The First louching absinthe I tried was La Fee Parisian, and I thought it actually tasted ok... until I tried Jade PF1901... (my first "absinth" was hills... but we wont go into that...
  5. Thanks... I plan on attending the next bottling party for Marteau, so that should be fun! but yeah, so close, yet so far... oh well... I have a bottle of Taboo that Im working on, and am picking up a Clandestine La Bleue in the very near future... Then on my next paycheck I am ordering the 4 pack of Jades, so it will all be OK soon. I justify the Absente as a piece of my collection. Still, I would have preferred the Lucid, but her heart was in the right place!
  6. She said it was either this or Lucid, and the clerk told her to get the Absent... *facepalm*
  7. This must be a recent thing, because in the past, absent was simply a substitute, and now they are claiming that it contains real artemesia absinthium... I am just wondering if any other have come across this apparently new formulation? My mom bought it for me when she was in Seattle, as I was buggin her to go to the Marteau Distillery (unbeknownst to me that it was no yet open)... she took it upon herself to buy a clerk recommended brand, and I kinda feel bad that she may have wasted her money... I decided to research it a bit, and on the makers website they say that for the first time, due to the lifting of the ban (I know not really anything lifted, but whatever) they are now making it to the old style recipe uing a full measure of real wormwood, artemesia absinthium... could she have actually bought me a real absinthe? anyone know what the deal is with the newly produced absent? Santé!
  8. I have to ask if it is possible to visit the distillery and buy a bottle directly, and perhaps have a taste? Is the distillery open on Saturdays? My mom is in seattle at this very moment and is returning tomorrow, so Mr. Stone, please forgive my redundancy I am very much looking forward to trying Marteau Santé!
  9. Thanks for the greetings guys! I am very excited to get some abinthe, I actually will be ordering a bottle of Clandestine la Bleu from a place in the Maritimes. Im really excited about it, I have never tried a blanche. So I am looking forward to seeing how the blanche louches. I havent had absinthe since my Taboo ran out.. which was around Christmas. so I am rather excited to finally be getting another bottle. Sante!
  10. I dont know about you guys, but im looking at the Veridian homepage, and they have all the Jades listed. In big pics, on the front page. Must be good, I have been eagerly awaiting a new bottle of jade ever since my 1901 ran out a couple years ago
  11. I have been into absinthe for years... Unfortunately, my tasting resume is rather small, being in Canada and all... I was watching a youtube vid, and saw mention of this place... well, how could I resist? I have made my own absinthe, and it turned out very nicely... it was nowhere near the quality of the Jade PF1901 I managed to score a couple years ago. I have since found a way to get quality absinthe in my hands, and am rather excited, seeing as how i cant import it into Canada. I have tried Taboo, and while good, it was nowhere near the quality of the Jade I tried. I am sure that like many of you canadians, I started out on Hills.. yes I know, its not really absinthe. But I was still excited when i bought it. Until I found out that it was not even close to absinthe. Well, that lit a fire under me, and I have been on a rather active quest to find some of this delicious libation. So, Hello to all of you, I look forward to what Im going to learn hanging out here. Cheers! AFO