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  1. Thats crazy! Hitch Hiking cross country would be a great experience.
  2. I will probably stop caring about it rather quickly upon getting there... A little foresight never hurt anyone, and having some slightly aged absinthe may be nice when I get home (10 years is approximate, I have no plans on returning at this moment) This all may be my ego trying to hold on to elements of myself, and I predict that after a relatively short period of time, I wont be thinking about absinthe at all. Thats why Im giving it to my sister now. It will be one of those nice "oh yeah, I have a lot of old absinthe" moments when I return home in the future. A little planning is no obstacle to satori. I still have until Feb 2013 to enjoy absinthe and build my collection. I have chosen my first day of residency as my 30th birthday, Feb 3rd.
  3. I gave my second bottle to my sister to hold onto for safe keeping. Even if I wanted to...
  4. Mmmm... sipping a glass AT THIS VERY MOMENT! I literally have the finish dancing on my tongue as I type this. Not sure where I was going with this
  5. It is a much better absinthe after a few weeks with some space in the bottle. It feels tight and almost tannic when newly opened. However, it does smooth out rather quickly with the addition of a little air to the bottle. I am loving it at 5:1 no sugar, which is now my standard dilution when enjoying this absinthe.
  6. What I am suggesting is that a highly concentrated macerate be made of the coloring herbs. Not the disitllation herbs. If you macerate enough of a given herb in base alcohol, it would take a very tiny amount (of neutral spirit) to impart the color, and taste/aromas of said herb to a distillate. This is what I am suggesting be included. That way you could use a very small amount of colorant and get a large enough effect, so as not to throw off the balance created with the distillates. Although maybe including the coloring herbs in dry form would be a better way to go. If you included Pontica somehow it would be a seriously complete set.
  7. I have been enjoying Blues Cat semi regularly... I have found that my fav ratio with the absinthe is 5:1 and no sugar. it is quite sweet on its own, and 5:1 really allows more of the subtle flavours to come through. It is a very thick absinthe at lower dilution levels. Adding that extra ounce of water opens the curtains so to speak, and I actually find it sweeter at higher ratios.
  8. I saw that bottle for coloring, If you re-read my post, you will see that I was offering an alternative to what was currently available.. A little more customization for us OCD folk. Each of the coloring herbs has it own effect, and I think you could concentrate each enough so as to only need a few drops to get the right proportion of herbs and coloring effect. Sort of like a natural food coloring, with herbal essences intact. I suppose one could easily make their own, as only maceration is required...
  9. May I suggest offering bottles of macerated coloring herbs as well? i see a bottle for color, but since the coloring herbs do lend themselves quite a bit to the overall flavour and aroma, I think they should be offered individually, to fit with the intention of this kit. You'd probably need only 3 or 4 (pontica, hyssop, lemon balm, and maybe mint), and you could concentrate them enough to put them into smaller/dropper bottles. Just my $0.02
  10. I am beginning a period of residency at a Zen monastery in Oregon. I cant drink while in formal training, but I can age booze back at home My intention is to put together a half case or so of some premium absinthe to age for ~10 years, which approximately how long I will be away from home. So far I have put a bottle of L'Ancienne in the stash, (gave it to my sister for safe keeping)
  11. Motion sensor is a good idea, as is a locked cabinet. Im going to do something, I hate pouring a glass of L'Ancienne worrying if its been cut with inferior booze. Thats why I started drinking, so I didnt have to worry about cutting agents ...j/k
  12. ah, thanks for the tip... Feel free to delete thread then. Cheers!
  13. Wow, just wow. Ignorance at it's finest. Sadly there is no room for comments, probably because either, a\ the uploader knew it was bullshit and didnt want to get flamed, or b\ he was getting flamed. Its pretty old, but I couldn't find it anywhere here. I wish I could talk to this guy, or leave a comment or something. Makes me angry they allow such gross misinformation to be broadcast. Santé!
  14. I am very much looking forward to doing a personal blind tasting of the 3, clandestine, capriceuse, clandestine wine alcohol.
  15. Last night, I had a couple glasses of L'Ancienne to play with the ratios a bit. This time I went sans sucre, and found it to be quite enjoyable. I did 5:1, and 4:1, and found that that extra ounce of water really affects the flavours. Its quite remarkable! I have decided that I am going to give my other bottle of L'Ancienne to my sister to hold onto for safe keeping when I begin my training to become a Zen priest (at great vow Zen monastery in Clatskanie Oregon). That way, when my training is done and I come back to this area, I will have an approximately 10 year old bottle of L'Ancienne waiting for me. Yeah yeah, monks arent supposed to drink and whatnot... but there is a very big difference between drinking for effect with the intent on dulling the senses and getting wasted, and drinking for flavour, appreciation, and celebration of the senses. The latter of which is acceptable once you have completed the rigors of formal training. I want to pick up a few more bottles of different brands for that very same purpose. I believe meditation greatly elevates ones ability to appreciate and detect flavours. Meditation really helps fine tune the senses, so your field of awareness becomes sharper and more detailed. But yeah, thus far, my fav ratio is 4:1 with no sugar. There is a wonderful spiciness to it that I just love, that sugar seems to cover up. God damn is this a good absinthe! I cant praise you enough Stefano. (if you havent noticed by now ) Santé!
  16. Thats awesome! I didnt really drink until I was legal age anyway... that and my dad never really had booze. Except scotch, and I hated scotch when I was younger. Love it now though As far as turning someone onto absinthe, I have been introducing her to absinthe, and she has gotten quite fond of it. I have been giving her tastes of stuff I have, and though she liked L'Ancienne, she prefers Absente. She has NO palate to speak of. She likes $10, 1.75L brandy over my Hennesey Paradis. Maybe thats why she thought she could get away with filling my absinthe back up with tequila. Good thing there was only a couple ounces left, or Id be even more pissed. I am investing in a locking liquor cabinet. I admit I have way too expensive tastes, and have often had to skip meals and "fast" in order to buy a nice bottle of scotch (or that Paradis Cognac worth it though). Absinthe is a great liquor to focus my obsessive conoisseurship, as a top tier bottle (eg L'Ancienne) was only $114. As opposed to $600 for that Paradis, or $400 for that 40 YO bottle of Clan Denny. (amazing grain whisky) Thats what worries me having her around. I have so much über expensive booze, that I am worried she may fuck with it. She is the most petty individual I have ever met, and as soon as she recovers from her surgery, she is outta here. She makes for a hostile living environment, and I flat out hate her (and i dont hate anyone). I am a peaceful, compassionate person, but its hard to like wasps when you've been stung so many times. Just FYI, I have been living at my moms for the last year due to some medical issues, and this woman is my moms ex-partner (she is gay, and they are in the process of splitting up. A very messy, angry process) This woman has basically been a step mom to me, but they never got married. I could write a book on all the conflict and shit she has caused for my mom. I have to stop now, before I write too much. An example of her pettiness, I borrowed her car to go 1 km down the road to get dinner. She actually made me pay for the gas. $0.25!! ) Anyway, thinking about her makes me angry, so "serenity now Gooz Frabah... om mane padme hum" and whatnot... Wow, bit of a tangent... I guess I just needed to express my contempt. Sorry guys Absinthe, Woohoo!! Missing absinthe, BOOOO!
  17. roommate. Complete denial of course. Had No idea what I was talking about.
  18. If its the one Im thinking of, I watched it online some time ago on youtube. (i had to pay $4.95, but it was worth it) Or is this a new one? if so, Im watching it
  19. Went to finish a bottle of Taboo, and noticed it smelled kind of off..like tequila... hmmm...ok, its been resting a while. Louched rather lightly, and tasted overwhelmingly like tequila.. Look at my tequila bottle nearby, and its gone down. Some one jacked some absinthe and thought they could get away with it by filling it back up with tequila. Muther fuckers! This was an adult too... the most petty adult I've ever met, but not a fucking kid stealing their parents booze. HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL!!!! Good thing I have a bottle of L'Ancienne and Blues Cat, or I'd be REALLY pissed. I still am, but at least I have absinthe to drink.
  20. Because even though water is added, the final ABV is still high enough to keep the essential oils in solution.
  21. Had another glass last night, and with every sip, I was thanking you (stefano) for your meticulous effort. There is an herbal spiciness there, that when combined with the mild tongue numbing effect, creates a truly magnificent flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. Now the challenge is to not drink it too fast... l.o.l. (dont want any of those luscious oily whatchamacallits ) Every glass goes down waaaay to easily. I absolutely love it!
  22. if bubbles is the girl next door...
  23. After seeing a free spoon code on facebook, I decided that it was time to place another order... I went with the 6 tube absinthexplore set from absinthes.com... I ordered Clandestine, Clandestine wine alcohol, Capriceuse, Combier Blanchette, Duplais verte, and Doubs Mystique. I think this is a wonderful concept, and am very much looking forward to setting up a tasting with these different absinthes. I am going to do a blind tasting for the clandestine so my decision is not influenced by my (perhaps psychological) preference for wine spirits. I have been really interested in trying a blanche or bleue for some time, and decided that there is no time like the present! Not sure why I am posting this other than an expression of my excitement. Yay absinthe! Santé!